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Blood War

He's the man who almost took out Brandon and Bunji....until they took him out. So it was cool.

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There is no picture of him yet....but eh.
For reference, in Japanese, his name is "Brad Wong".
Think Brilliant Dynimates Neon from Trigun, put him in Gungrave, and volia, Blood War.
Well, the man was a sweeper for Big Daddy's former rival, but he left his orgainization soon after he was released from jail.
Oh yeah, he was jailed for 5 years. Probably was caught killing someone, or something. Or maybe he drove 55 in a 25 zone. Bad drivers suck.
Anyway, he joined his bloodbrother Cannon Vulcan's group, Lightning. Why? He wants a battleground. So does Vulcan. So they try to create one.
They use Dr. T to keep going with the Necrolization project, killing off their guys and making them deadmen. They then proceed to attack Millenion. Thus, drawing the attention of Harry and True Grave.
Harry, Brandon and Bunji volunteer to take out B. War and Lightning. True Grave seem to do well fighting the deadmen....until the deadmen get up. Blood War stops them in the first fight, impressed by Brandon. He wants Brandon to join him, and awaits him at the pier.
Brandon goes, and they have their showdown....well, and the deadmen are there attacking too.
SPOILERS : Highlight to read :
Brandon and Bunji, who arrives a little later, are cornered. But then the deadmen's limit of 10 days expires, so Blood War is all alone. He is shot by Brandon, but escapes.
On True Grave's way out, they run into Blood War again. He drinks a vial and shoots himself in the head. He becomes a deadman himself. The injured Bunji and Brandon try to fight him off, but don't. Enter Bear Walken and his Overkill group.
They proceed to blow the Deadman Blood War away with their onslaught. Brandon then uses Blood War's own gun to seal the deal.
Fun Fact : he calls Brandon his "little buddy".

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He and Lee's Brother Vulcan had this questionable relationship, you see. By "questionable", I mean blood brother relationship. Did you think I meant they were gay? You silly goose.