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Zell Condorbrave

He's a merc, he's possibly an Aussie, and he's considered a weapon of mass destruction....and has a few. Wonder why he's not a part of President Bush's "Axis of Evil"?

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Zell (Or Zele)


"Foster's....Australian for Beer..."

Zell (or Zele) is a rugged Aussie military man. Yes, the Aussies have a military.
Actually, ex-military. He is now the leader of a major mercenary group. He, and his group are one of the most feared and respected mercenary groups in the world.
They have a reputation of destroying 4 deadmen which is why Garino and the Don hired them. To stop Beyond the Grave.
SPOILERS : Highlight to read :
Zell and his mercs are defeated by Grave, Juji, and Billy.
However, they don't kill him. Which is rare in the Gungrave world.
Currently, on vacation with his surviving mercenaries. Either in some tropical resort, or Vietnam.....yeah, he's weird. But very very cool.
Oh, he smokes cigars....that's about it.

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I believe he is a Red Sox fan. Which explains his killing streak.....he must be pissed off after all those disappointments.....