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Yeah, based on true events.

Garino : Alright you limey smelling bastards, get in here.

Bunji : Wait, how does one smell like a limey?

Zell : Not shower like the Brits?

Fangoram : They don't shower?

Zell : Not at all mate. All they do is stare at their Berlin Wall.

Sherry : It's true. I saw it on some Documentary produced by Micheal Moore....Wait, Berlin Wall?

Zell : Berlin Wall, Eiffel Tower, same thing.

Don : Bunji, you sedate the dumb bastard, I'll go get the beating stick.

Sherry : I call dibs on the first whack.

Zell : Umm.....Final Boss powers! *Disappears*

Bunji : Wait, what the hell?


Zell : *Reappears* Hmmm....where am I?

Juji : *naked* Doing my naked nazi dance....shake shake shake....sieg sieg sieg....Oh, hey Zell? Do you want to join in on my naked nazi dance? First, you got to get naked...then shake your ass with the hand signs!

Zell : Oh good Johnny! My eyes!

Johnny : *Voice from above* Don't you drag me into this! *Ding!*

Zell : Oh! The pain...it's shaking in front of me! All 1...2...3 testicles? What the hell? Take me back! Take me back!

Juji : Shake shake sieg sieg! Shake my dangly bits all around!

Zell : Take me back, mate! *Disappears*


Sherry : Does this mean I can't write myself out today?

Garino : No.

Zell : *Reappears in front of them all* I have seen hell, and it has three testicles!

Bunji : Naked nazi dance?

Zell : Yes....Bunji do you have one testicle?

Bunji : For the last time Zell! I have two!

Garino : What am I missing?

Bunji and Zell : You don't want to know!

Sherry : Should we be disturbed?

Bunji : Johnny yes.

Johnny Damon : It's true. He's a sin against me.

Robert Horry : I had nothing to do with him.

Fangoram : Might I ask who you are?

Robert : Holy Spirit. Nice to meet you.

Fangoram : I always wanted to meet that guy.

Vlad : The Vlad is here. Now where are the ladies that the Vlad was promised?

Sherry : So Vlad, which form of God are you?

Vlad : Vlad was known as Moses. I say let my people go, and then I hit them with a bat.

Julio Franco : Hey Jesus, Moses, Holy Spirit.

Garino : Julio Franco?

Bunji : So, are you Noah?

Zell : Elijah?

Fangoram : King David?

Julio : Nope, I'm just Julio.

Johnny : We call him Uncle Julio around Heaven.

Garino : Wait, what?

Johnny : That's for another time. Anyways, you guys are going to Disney World, all at Don's expense!

Everyone : Yay!

Don : Wait....shi...

Vlad : Now go, before the Vlad kills.

Garino : Let's go! Final Boss powers!

*They all disappear, except for Random Merc #1157*

1157 : Aww man, not again...

*At the Magical of all Kingdoms*

Bunji : Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts?

Zell : What are ya, HB? Let's go on some rides and get drunk. and not in that order.

Fangoram : Zell, I bet you can't go all day today without having an alcoholic drink.

Zell : Hey' sounds like a bet ta me. You're on! But I bet you can't go the whole day being like your old self.

Sherry : Loud and retarded?

Zell : Exactly!

Fangoram : ......You're on, Aussie fool!

Bunji : So, what does the winner, umm, win?

Fangoram : If Zell wins, I'll buy him Fosters for a year. If I win, he has to buy my Opera tickets for a year.

Zell : Bloody hell....

Garino : Whatever. I'm going to go hit Tomarrow Land! I hear Stiches Ride is amazing.

Zell : I'm going to go to Adventure Land. I hear there's pirates and rum there.

Fangoram : Zell, the bet.

Zell : I'll just stare at it, honest.

Fangoram : Whatever. I'm going to go find that PhilarMagic show. I hear it has Donald in it.

Don : Well, me and Bunji are going to Fantasy Land. I hear it's got the Pooh ride!

Sherry : I'm going to go look for that Parade they have.

Don: Alright, then let's get the hell out of my face!

*In Fantasy Land*

Don : I'm going to go on the Pooh ride. You can go hit whatever you want.

Bunji : I always wanted to go on It's a Small World.

Some random person that works there.* Sir, I'm sorry, but you're too short for that ride.

Bunji : What? I'm like, 40 years old, or something like that. There are kids shorter than me on that thing!

Clerk guy : Well sir, you can always dress up and work for us. We'll pay you in Diamonds.

Bunji : Fine. But only if my Wolves can join me.

Clerk guy type person : Sure.

Don : Have fun with that, Bunji. I'm hitting the Pooh ride.

*Over with Garino*

Garino : Yeah, first in line for Space Mountain. Eat my ass, kids that I beat up.

Random clerk person : OK sir, this may be a scary ride. Are you ready?

Garino : Fuck yes! Hook me up, woman!

Clerk : Whatever. Here we go, sir.

Garino : Whee! Holy crap, this thing goes upside down and hangs me there! Awesome!

Clerk : OK, break time. Shut of that ride. No-one's on it.

Garino : OK, why am I not going? I'm freaking upside down here! And passing out in 5, 4, 3...*passes out*

*Over in Liberty Square*

Some random kid : Look mommy, the parade!

Mother : Yes, but where are all the Princesses?

The father : What the...?

Sherry : *On a float, making out with all the disney Princesses*

Father : *Takes a picture* Oh, that's a keeper.

*Over in Adventure land*

Zell : OK, I'm pretty sure that jungle cruise guide was hitting on me. Kinda weird.

Jack Sparrow : Hey, you, in the camo, you want to be a pirate?

Zell : Do I ever!

Jack : You like rum?

Zell : Do I ever!

Jack : To Epcot we go!

Zell : Yes Sir, Captain Jack!

*Back in Fantasy Land*

Don : *Exiting the Pooh ride* I now forever hate Pooh.

Guy in Pooh suit : Oh, Bother! *Runs*

Don : *Wielding Katana* Come back here, you fluff and shit filled bastard!

Bunji : *In It's a Small World* *Signing with wolves* It's a world of laughter, A world of tears *Blows up a boat fill with children* It's a world of hopes, And a world of fears *Wolves devour next boat of Children*

Supervisor : Umm, midget...I mean Bunji, you can't kill the riders.

Bunji : This is for telling me I can't ride!


Bunji : *Commandeers a boat* This is the best ride ever. It's a Small World After all....

*Over to Fangoram*

Fangoram : *Thinking* (Hmm.....how shall I go about this? Maybe scream about chicken selects? Or possible spronkles?)

Jared's ghost : *Buying merchandise* Don't ask me how I can buy this stuff while I'm dead, blame the writers!

Fangoram : *Thinking* (Bingo)

Jared : Wait, crap, not him again!



Frangoram : *Thinking* (Bloody great. Now pose. Keep posing...ahh, there we go!)

*Later that night, at some Downtown Disney club*

Bunji : ...And that's how I ran over three families with my boat!

Sherry : Wow, that was almost as good as all the families I scarred by them seeing ,me have sex with Cinderella.

Don : Well, now I have Pooh's head to hang over the fireplace!

Fangoram : I destroyed Jared, again.

Zell : And I became a Pirate with Pirate Captain Paul Burchill.

Jack : That's Jack Sparrow, but close enough! Now how about a drink?

Fangoram : A bloody good idea, chap! I propose a toast!

Zell : Ahah! It's not Midnight yet, and you said a smart thing!

Fangoram : ....Damn!

*Clock outside rings*

Zell : Hey, it's midnight! Drinks are on Fangoram!

Everyone but Fangoram : Whoo-hoo!

Sherry : Where's Garino?

Don : Don't know, don't care.

*Over at Splash Mountain*

Johnny : Hey, here comes the drop!

Vlad : Hey, watch what Vlad can do! *Splits the water surrounding the log ride they're in*

Robert Horry : Nice!

Julio : I wanted to get wet. *Snaps Finger, water comes back and splashes them*

Vlad : Vlad no like Uncle Julio now.

Johnny Damon : *Thumbs up* Ding!

HX : So, HB, how many kids did you want to kick in the face while we were down in Florida?

HB : How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop? So...a lot.

HX : Actually, I think someone did an experiment on that once...

HB : On what? Me kicking kids in the face? If so, then it was a lot.

HX : 250,000 was the exact number.

HB : Yeah, that was my ballpark "kick kids in the face" total.