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With this episode, there is a guaranteed 30% more cross dressing.

Billy : OK, if we can stop quoting the Yu-Gi-Oh! : The Abridged movie yet...

Mika : Shut up and drink your own urine!

Billy : How about you shut the hell up! We've got to get to the next city, Ceradon City.

Leeasaur : Wait, weren't we supposed to be in there, like, three episodes ago?

Mika : Blame HX for the writing.

HB : True

Andersoneotto : Well, whether his writing sucks or not, let's just get to thecity, buy crap, and maybe punch a store clerk.

Graveachu : ..................

Billy : No, you cannot go to the strip-club, you're not Pac-Man Jones.

Andersoneotto : All in the name of God...

Mika : Gym leader battles!

Leeasaur : Only if you take us to the strip club.

Mika : Deal!

Billy : .......You all are morons.

Graveachu : *Points to gym* ..........

Leeasaur : Yeah, I think that gym is run by a girl. But with smaller boobs, compared to that Dark bitch 360 girl.

Mysterious voice : I'm the leader of this gym.

Billy : Wait, you're not a girl. At least, not a good looking one.

MV : *Kumagoro Beam*

Billy : Did that just pass right through my head?

Andersoneotto : Yes.

Billy : If I wasn't ghost, I'd probably be in pain. *Pain* Ahh! My ass! Did you just freaking pinch my guitar's ass?

MV : Probably.

Leeasaur : You don't aim for there! Aim for the third string! *Hits third string*

Billy : Ahh...dammit....not my guitar nuts.....you damn bastards...

MV : So the Gravemon you have are a Gravechu, Leeasaur, and Andersoneotto?

Mika : Yep.

Andersoneotto : Didn't she steal that one from the boat episode?

Leeasaur : Shh! Don't ruin the continuity!

MV : I'll just destroy you all in a completely unsanctioned Gravemon battle! Kumagoro Beam!

Gravechu : ........! *Defeated*

Leeasaur : Holy shi..! *Defeated....and hit in the nuts at the last second by Billy*

Billy : I'm not a Gravemon...just so you know.

Andersoneotto : Oh, fah the love of Johnny....*Hit with Kumagoro Beam, and defeated*

Billy : Mika, we should run, and fast.

Mika : To Hell with that, I'm using you as live bait! *Hits Billy in the third string*

Billy : Damn you woman....*Falls to the ground in a heap of pain*

Mika : *Running away* I'll be back later after he has his way with you!

MV : Ohh...live bait!

Narrator : Compelling stuff, ain't it folks? So with that, we'll leave you with a halfway crappy cliff-hanger. Will Billy's ass ever be the same? What will happen to mika's Gravemon? Where the hell is my paycheck? All this, and probably more HX continuity errors, on the next Gravemon!

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HX : So, on a scale of 1-10, how was my writing?

HB : 1.523

HX : 1.53?......higher than what I thought you were going to give me. You really are my friend!

HB : I try.