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In which Fangoram and company completely suck at sports.

So...we're just going to skip the picture thingy this week, so we can save bandwidth.


Zell : Well, we all had fun at the Anime convention, didn't we? Don killed some kid dressed as Dr. Who.

Don : And Bunji kicked some kid dressed as Luffy in the crotch.

Sherry : Well, looks like I missed out of some cosplay fun. Did you see any La Blue Girl cosplayers?

Bunji : Umm...not this time.

Sherry : Damn....

Fangoram : Female Axel?

Don : Nope.

Garino : Mr. 2?

Zell : Hell.

Bunji : Freaking.

Don : No.

Garino : Anyways, I called you in here because we're going to import, export, and domestically take over obscure sports that make the back page of the sports section?

Sherry : No need. I will take care of Women's Beach Volleyball. End of discussion.

Zell : Dibs on Beer Fest!

Garino : Don, you and I are doing Water Polo.

Fangoram : I'm doing World Series of Pop Culture.

Billy : Dibs on his team.

Johnny and Vlad : Dibs!

Johnny : I'm Jesus.

Vlad : Home-Run champ.

Don : Edge, Vlad.

Johnny : Oh screw you! I'll form my own team, with hookers, and black jack. In fact, screw the blackjack...

Bunji : What about me?

Garino : Just because i hate you....I'm giving you Cricket.

Bunji : Oh, up yours man.

Garino : And...that should do it...so, why are you bastards still here! Get out of here!

*At the pool...*

Water Polo Coach : So...Don, you're not supposed to drown your teammate!

Don : *Holding Garino's head underwater* What? I have no idea what you're talking about!

Water Polo Coach : Don....

Don : Fine. *Pulls Garino's head up from underneath water.* You got lucky this time...son...

Garino : I swear to...*breathes*...Johnny that I'll *breathes*...turn you into an orgman and kill you....

*Meanwhile...and the beach...*

Sherry : So all you do here is jump up and down in bikinis trying to knock that ball over the net?

Female Player : Yep...

Sherry : I will love this game. Wanna have sex?

Female Player : Do I ever!

*Meanwhile...at the Cricket grounds in England...*

Bunji : So, how do you play Cricket, gov'ner?

Player : Well, first, you try to hit this ball with a wooden stick.

Bunji : So it's just like basketball.

Player : And then you try to run to that first peg there.

Bunji : So it's just like basketball.

Player : Then, you try to run around all the pegs until you get to the starting peg! If you do, you will score a point for your team!

Bunji : So it's just like basketball.

Player : But, if you get tagged, or swing and miss the ball a set number of times, you will be out.

Bunji : So it's just like basketball.

Player : How many times are you going to make that incorrect Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged comment! It isn't just like basketball!

Bunji : Yes it is.

Player : No it's not.

Bunji : Yes it is.

Player : No it's not.

Bunji : Yes it is.

Player : No it's not.

Bunji : Yes it is.

Player : No it's not.

Bunji : Wolves.

Player : Ok, sure!

Bunji : Awesome. Where is Gilbert Arenas? I love that guy.

*Meanwhile...at the pool*

Coach : Don, what did we say about drowning Garino!

Don : Do it often? Because that's what I heard...

*At the VH1/Altell World Series of Pop Culture...*

Announcer Guy : Today, in the first match up, we have Team Horatio Sanz against team Colbert Nation! Let us meet the teams!


Fangoram : Team HS is the f'n best!

Billy : We will crush everyone with our pop culture knowledge!

Vlad : Vlad home run champ.

Announcer guy : And team Colbert Nation!


Grave : ........

Mika : Oi mate! Tentacle porn for the win!

Rock Lee : Yosh! I'm just here for the food!

Announcer guy : Yeah...this round will be awesome. Alright, you guys know the rules, so the first category will be...Slut culture!

Rock Lee : Yosh! I shall be first for my team!

Billy : Oh hell, I've gotta kick this guy's ass!

AG : Alright, so we have Rock Lee and Billy to start. Lee, first question is for you. Which heiress filmed a porno with her ex-boyfriend?

Rock Lee : Yosh! Paris Hilton!

AG : Correct. Billy, your question. Which former popstar flashed her woo-hah when getting out of a car?

Billy : Britney Spears?

AG : Correct. Lee, your question. Which popstar not only flashed her womenhole, but also was involved in an accident while drunk?

Lee : Lindsay Lohan?

AG : Correct.

Lee : Suck on that Billy.

Billy : What Spandex-boy? I see nothing!

AG : Ohh, trash talking. Nice. Billy, your question. Which slutty slut slut is actually a man?

Billy : Ashlee Simpson.

AG : Correct.

Billy : Oh yeah! Screw you, Lee!

Lee : I'd rather you not, ghost boy.

AG : Lee, this is your third question...which reality star whore and "daughter" of a singer just got knocked up?

Lee : Billy's mom! I kid. Nicole Ritchie.

Billy : My mother was a saint! She was Mother Theresa!

Lee : She's not your mom. And she's not a saint yet.

Billy : She should be!

AG : Anyway, Lee is correct. Billy, you need to get this correct to stay in the game...What popular doll line and TV show encourages young girls to grow up to be hookers?

Billy : Bratz?

AG : Correct!

Billy : AWRIGHT!

AG : And now we have the speed round...

Billy : Lee, you know you're going to lose...so just got the way of the Atari Jaguar and die!

Lee : Hey Billy, how about you shut your face! Do us all a favor!

Billy : Why you....

Lee : ....Die...again!


*Meanwhile...in Germany...*

Zell : Here we are...Beerfest!

Guy : Hey!

Another Guy : It's him!

Drunk : I thought he was just a legend!

Female : He's....the chosen one!

Zell : Eh?


Female : You are the greatest of all drunkards! You are...our hero!

Zell : I think I'll like this place.

Another Female : Zell, will you impregnate me?

Zell : Will I ever!



Back to WWFD!

HB : Sooo....you want to tell them about the convention?

HX : I'm completely pissed off about it! I dressed up like Bunji perfectly, and no-one, sans HB, knew who that was!

HB : It's alright. I dressed up like Wolfwood. It was fun. Nermia Daikon Brothers rocks. Go see it.

HX : Oh, and if you want to see pics, here!

http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a65/tehcondorbrave/?action=view&current=water001.jpg That's HX!

http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a65/tehcondorbrave/?action=view&current=IMAG0374.jpg And that's HB!