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Episode 17, the one where we go completely off script from the actual series.

Narrator : In the last episode, everyone hit Billy in his third string, and Mika ran off after all her Gravemon were defeated by the mysterious "man".

Seriously, if you don't know who it is by now, please go and hang your head in same.

Mika : Is it Alucard?

Narrator : Can we please have someone that isn't a complete moron?

Mika : Well, my Gravemon are all knocked out, and we left Billy as live bait.

Narrator : Dear God, I need a drink...

Mika : Anyways, I need a find a place to heal my Gravemon. Hey, look! An old guy! I'll mug him, steal his money, and buy better Gravemon.

Pink bunny : *Outta no-where, hits her*

MV : Na No Da.

Mika : Aww crap. Wait, Billy, why are you standing next to him. Is he a tranny too?

Billy : First off, bite me. Second off, he told me that all he wanted to do was injure you and your Gravemon. So naturally, I joined him, to get my revenge on Lee. And to a lesser extent, Anderson.

Mika : You betrayed us!

Billy : Oh please, you guys always tried to ditch me somehow. Remember how Grave trued to throw me off the cruise ship?

Mika : Yeah...good times.

Mysterious voice : Can I please reveal myself to the people?

Billy : I think there are laws against that. You need to keep your clothes on.

MV : I mean my name.

Billy : Oh, yeah. Right, go ahead.

MV : My name is....

Mika : Are you Harry Potter?

MV : No.

Mika : Do you die in the last book?

MV : I dunno, I haven't read it.

Billy : Actually, I heard that Dumbledore comes back as a zombie and marries Ron.

MV : Really? That'd be awesome.

Mika : Aww, don't spoil it for me.

MV : Anyway, I'm...

Mika : I mean, do you know if Snape lives then sodomizes a kitten?

MV : I think that would be violently disgusting, but I don't think I'd be able to pull away. Na no da.

Mika : I'm sure Billy would like it if Voldemort ended up as a tranny.

Billy : Shut the hell up! I am sick to death of your tranny comments!

MV : Good thing you're a ghost. So everyone can keep making them! Tranny-lover!

Billy : I thought you were teamed up with me to hurt them!

MV : Sure, but you can't deny the facts...I mean, seriously. But still, my name is...

Mika : Well Harry, it was nice meeting you. But I gotta find my Gravemon, or mug some old person to buy better Gravemon!

MV : Damn it! *Throws a Kumagoro Beam at Mika, and leaves Billy with her!*

Billy : Come back! NOOOOO!!! Does this mean I have to travel with her still!

Mika : It's in your contract!

Billy : Ha ha....*Winds up his guitar like a baseball bat...and swings like Barry Bonds hitting a home run at Mika's forehead...*


Narrator : What will happen to our heroes? Who was that Mysterious Voice? And where the hell are Mika's Gravemon?

All this and more on the next Gravemon!

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HB : Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Gravemon!

HX : I'm Duke Devlin! Believe it!

HB : Apparently, the background-musicless Duke Devlin likes Naruto. Guess all of those Naruto cosplayers 3 weeks ago rubbed off on him.

HX : I bet they did. That's what she said. Believe it?