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The actual Celadon City gym battle...

Narrator : After our heroes got their asses handed to them by the Mysterious Gravemon master, they retreated. Now, it seems Mika is ready to overcome this mysterious foe...

Mika : You know what? Screw this, I'm going to just throw caution the wind! I'm just going to challenge that familiar anime character from some yaoi crap, and get my badge, so we can get the fuck out of this city!

All : Horray.

Billy : Well, you do that. I've got a date!

Mika : Really? How in the hell did you manage that?

Billy : I channeled what I originally was in Overdose, and I scored a date.

Rock Lee : Just be sure to check what she's packing. If she's loaded, we're going to make fun of you even more. If not, we're still going to harass you by calling her a tranny.

Billy : See this? This is my ass. Why don't you kiss this left cheek there.

Grave : ............................

Billy : You sick, sick, fuck. Your mother would be spinning in her grave if she heard that.

Grave : ....

Mika : Enough, HB's on a deadline tonight! Let's get the hell to that gym.

Anderson : Can I kill some heathens on the way over?

Mika : ...sure.


Mika : Come out pink stuffed bunny throwing mysterious voice! I will kick your ass this time!

Gym Leader : What the hell are you talking about? I'm the gym leader here, and I hardly throw pick bunnies...

Billy : Who the hell are you?

Gym Leader : I'm Zombie Kenny.

Mika : Who?

Zombie Kenny : I'm from the anime.

Anderson : Wait...were you the short, black kid who was killed by Lad within three episodes?

Zombie Kenny : ...shut the hell up. No, are you a Gravemon trainer girl, because if you're not, I think I'm going to eat your brains...

Mika : Well, I am a Gravemon trainer...so, let's fight, so I can get my badge!

Zombie Kenny : Ok. This is an official Gravemon badge match. I choose you...Deedakarp!

Deed : I'm Deedakarp. My brother Ladd-adyos will beat you up and give you a purple nurple!

Mika : I choose you, Andersoneotto!

Anderson : Hey, boy, ever been stabbed?

Deed : No...

Anderson : Here's your chance! *Andersoneotto uses BAYONET CHAIN WHIP!*

Deed : *DOES 1110000 DAMAGE. DEED HAS FAINTED.* *Stupid English*

Zombie Kenny : Oh...crap. I choose you...gun!

Mika : Oh....

Zombie Kenny : *Pulls trigger, nothing happens.* Crap, I have to remember to get rid of this fake gun...


Zombie Kenny : *Hands cut off, still holding fake gun.* Oh Poopy.

Mika : Well, I'll take my badge now.

Zombie Kenny : Yeah fine. You have to reach it! It's in my pocket.

Lee : I think Billy would love to do that!

Mika : I choose you, Billy!

Billy's Voice : There is a time and a place for everything. But not now, damn it! I'm trying to get laid with a chick here! Make Grave do it!

Anderson : Check for an Adam's Apple, laddy!

Billy's Voice : .....nope! All good!

Mika : Ok, Grave go get my badge!

Grave : .............

*Twenty seconds later*

Zombie Kenny : Could your Gravemon give me back my arms and legs now! This kind of hurts!

Anderson : Wait...Zombies have feelings? Does this mean my life has been a lie? ....nope. *Cuts Zombie Kenny in two.* Much better. Amen.

Mika : Now that I have my badge, and Billy scored with something without a penis, we can get the hell out of here!

All : Horray!

Narrator : Now our heroes have done what they have come to do, so now we can move on. But what of that Mysterious Voice? And where are they going next? Find out in the next exciting adventure of our Pokemon ripoff, Gravemon!

Back to Gravemon!

HB : Not bad, and pretty long too.

HX : That's what she said.

HB : *Face palm.*

HX : Awwright.