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Not a clip show! And now, with 10 percent more ghosties!

Narrator : Last time, our heroes were convinced to follow a mysterious thingie, with the promises of cookies! Moonpies! But, what awaits them? Find out on today's Gravemon!
Lee : I heard the word "Moonpie"....
Billy : I love Moonpies!!!
Lee : So do I!!!!!
Billy : Hey, you're not so bad!
Lee : ....Hey! You're still a tranny-lover. But, you like Moonpies too!
Billy : I swear....I'll...
Mika : Hey, shut it Billy, or I swear to Johnny Damon AND Vlad that I'll shut it for you.
Lee : Ha ha...
Mika : You too spandex-boy.
Lee : Aww....
Anderson : Yeah, there are cookies involved in this. And Moonpies!
Ghost : AHEM! I never said anything about moonpies....
Grave : *Points Right and Left Head at Ghost*  ..................
Billy : He said "First of all s**tstick, you damn well better capitalize that 'm' in Moonpie next time or having 150 f******* rounds will be the last thing you will have to worry about. Next, there damn well better be Moonpies there, or you will be on the recieving end of the "Grave's Thousand and a Half Years of Death."
Lee : Way to rip off Naruto, Grave.
Mika : Well, it's kind of like that. See Lee, he sticks that coffin straight up someone's butt, and then pulls off a Cerberus Overdose!
Ghost : Like an explosive enima?
Mika : Little bit. For the record, Billy can do it with his guitar.
Billy : It's my level three demolition shot combined with a guitar up the ass!
Ghost : Right. Well, this way.
*A few minutes later...*
Anderson : Hey, Mika, I'm kind of tired. But me back in the graveball for a while.
Mika : Ok...*Andersoneotto goes back into the Graveball*
Rock Lee : Hey, put me back in there too, I'm a little tired myself...
Mika : Alright....*Rock Leeasaur goes back into the Graveball*
Billy : Can I go back?
Mika : Billy, you're not a gravemon.
Grave : .............................
Billy : Screw you, jerk off. Screw you.
Ghost : By now, you should be wondering "Why are my Gravemon getting tired?"
Mika : No, I'm wondering, "Where the hell is my Moonpie?"
Ghost : Well, it's because this fog which surrounds us contains a powerful sedative for non-Ghost-type Gravemon!
Billy : Well, that doesn't answer the Moonpie question.
Ghost : Well, I suppose I should reveal myself....I am.....GYM LEADER STERIOD RIDDEN OLD GUY WITH BIG GUN MINIBOSS!
Mika : ......Do you have a name?
SRODWBGM : No, not really.
Grave : .........
Billy : Charming Grave, just charming. And yes, they have to be like raisons by now. I mean, totally shrunk.
Mika : Well, if I beat you, will I get my gym badge?
Grave : .................
Billy : You're right...his breasts are becoming more defined.

Back to Gravemon!

HB : Well, I'm doing this one solo. HX is in a different town right now, so, I'm going to handle things alone for a little bit. Cheers!
I mean, it's not like anyone reads this anyway.