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Sherry Walken

Sweet, sexy....and If I finish the sentence, Bear will kill me. So I'll stop.

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Sherry Walken


Please don't hurt us....

Sherry Walken, as you can tell, is the daughter of Millenion sweeper and influencial power Bear Walken. She was born into membership of "The Family" of Big Daddy.
She fell in love with Harry MacDowell at first sight. She later became his wife.
Later in life, she and Harry were on top of the world, and Millenion. Then Grave came along. He tries to kill Harry, but she protects him and he shoots her in his place, killing her...
3 years later, she is seen as an aid to the Don and Garino. Her mission? Get revenge on Grave for killing her beloved Harry....
SPOILERS : Highlight to view :
Sherry, in Overdose, is a deadwoman. She was brought back to life by Garino, and serves them as an advisor and bodyguard.
She confronts Grave and Billy, and she battles them. She dies...again.....Poor Sherry....
Oh, when we first see her, she's the cutest little thing we've ever seen.

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Us : Can we finish the sentence now?
Bear : Do you want to die?
Us : We'll stop.
Bear : Thought so.