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Gungrave Midknight release



Midnight Release Dates

Garino : Alright you bastards, lesser whores, and Don, get in here.

Bunji : Would I be classified as a bastard, or lerrer whore?

Garino : A bastard, cause you're an orphan. Zell, lesser whore. Same with Sherri.

Zell : Couldn't think of a proper insult for Don?

Garino : I think being Don should e insulting in and of itself.

Sherri : Point and match.

Don : And it looks like Garino has just been written out of my will. And you're adopted, so wouldn't that make you a bastard too?

Garino : ....Touché.

Fangoram : Great, now what asinine idea do you have for us today.

Garino : Well, Halo 3 is coming out, and I'm going to go camp out in Wal-Mart for it.

Zell : ....Halo 3?

Bunji : Wal-Mart?

Sherri : Mmmm....Cortana....

Don : Sherri! No fantasizing about video game characters!

Fangoram : Wait a minute, aren't we....

Garino : Never you mind! Now who's going with me?

Zell : Mmmm....Cortana....Fosters....

Don : Zell! What did I just tell Sherri?

Herb : Mmmm...Master Chief....

Bunji : ....Just wrong, on three different dimensions.

Fangoram : Just three? I can name 5.

Garino : So, like I said, who's going with me?

Bunji : .......no?

Zell : ......No chance in hell?

Sherri : Like hell I will.

Fangoram : I'd rather watch Don preform marital's on his wife.

Don : Trust me, I don't even want to watch that.

Garino : OK, we'll do it this way...Eenie meenie miny moe...I hate you all so you have to go!

Bunji....Freaking bastard...

Garino : Now, onward! Finish the Fight Chief! Finish the fight!

Don : Do you think it's too late to put him back up for adoption?

Bunji : You know,I could kill him. Do we really need him to be the final boss?

Don : Wait, I thought I was the final boss?

Bunji : Umm......

*Later that evening, at Wal-Mart!*

Garino : Whoo! Third in line!

Zell : Whoa, how did two old women beat us here?

Old woman #1 : I'm buying this for my grandkids.

Don : Oh, ok. Don't care.

Bunji : So how many copies are you getting?

Old woman #1 : I'm picking up 4 copies.

Sherri : Oh, do they all live together?

Old woman #1 : Yep. They range from age 8 to 14.

Bunji : So you're buying 4 copies of the same video game for your grandkids that live together? Why not just buy one?

Old Woman #2 : Cause it would be unfair. You expect them to share one game?

Don : You are the reason why the world is as messed up as it is.

Fangoram : Wait, is that guy playing a DS while waiting in line for Halo 3?

Bunji : He's wearing a PlayStation shirt too...

Garino : .......You know, I don't even know what to say about that...

Zell : Hey! This Wal-Mart has beer! Glorious beer! Last one there has to watch Don preform marital's!

Don : Out my way bitches! *Shoves Sherri into display case of produce*

Sherri : Meh...I've been pushed into worse things...Rosie O'Donnel tops that list...

Wal-Mart Employee : Alright, it's 12:01, we will hand these out in an orderly fashion...

Guy dressed as Master Chief : I say we go in order of coolness!

Employee : Right And that would make you last in line.

Garino : Do you have any of the Legendary editions left?

Employee : Nope, those old women bought them all.

Garino : Fangoram, you know what to do.

Fangoram : .....sigh.......I'm not paid enough for this...

Garino : *Slips Fangoram a 20*

Fangoram : HALO 3!!!!!!!!


Fangoram : Ugh...i feel dirty. So dirty.

Garino : Finish the fight!!



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HX : Yeah, about the guy who was wearing a PlayStation shirt, playing a Nintendo DS at the Halo 3 launch....that was me.

HB : You waited for the midnight release of Halo?

HX : Yeah.

HB : I'm sorry...

HX : Fanboy.

HB : Hey, I'm not the one who waited for the midnight release of Halo. I didn't even do that for Kingdom Hearts 2!

HX : But, you have both the Japanese AND the English versions.

HB : Alright. I'm a fanboy. But you are too!