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Because we needed a new one some time, especially for all of those blank messages we've been recieving.

From : ?
HB : Well, we've recieved over 100 blank messages from this numbnuts. Hey, thanks for the site hits, but you're a big time d-bag for all of the spam you put in our inbox. So, bugger off.
From Kalto : Just wondering if my fansite is worthy of linkage:

HB : Absolutely. You're site is extremely well done! Not only that, you recognize that we were the first. Since we are egoists, and since your site is awesome, we will link to you.

From Juanita Gagnon: Hi...

Want a fuck-friend living just a few minutes from you?
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HB : 0_0?!?!?!?!?!
HB : I just want to say that, for the record, this isn't mine. I didn't sign up for this, didn't ask for it, and am not even going to that site. In fact, how did they get this e-mail anyway...HX?!?!?! Nah, I kid. Methinks that it is spamcrap. Do your comp a favor and don't click on that link, folks

From Anon : Hey ya ive been looking around all over the net and I cant find what im looking for see im trying to make a charecter profile for Grave but i cant find the names and descriptions for the Gungrave OD demolition shots for him oh and sorry my spelling and grammer is terrible but like i said can you guys help??

HX : OK, here we go. You can find the names in the game, but here they are anyways.

For Grave, his forward attacks are Death Blow, Fatality Bringer, and Cerberus OD.

His 360 degree attacks are Bullet Dance, Doom's Rain, and Executioners Blood.

His time attacks are Day of the Grave, Night of the Grave, and Dawn of the grave.

From Rob : Hey how are you guys? I haven't been able to come for a while but getting to read some WWFD's and other stuff was awesome. You guys are going to keep trucking to 100 right? Also where the hell do you guys go to college? I'm starting my freshman year.

HX : You bet we're going to 100. Now with that semester out of the way, we should be updating on a more regular basis.

HB : Here's hoping that we don't run out of room on here before the 100th WWFD. And college? I go to Le Moyne College in Syracuse. Last semester!

HX : I go to SUNY Brockport outside of Rochester. Not so last semester 0<:(

From Luann Irwin : Helo, friend!

Brad Pitt fucks Britney Spears  in her big ass.
In your attachment ;)

HB : Yeah, I don't think so. Besides, you got our e-mail adress wrong. Plus, you can't spell "hello" correctly. Besides, this is spam if I've ever seen it. So, screw you, and your fake porno!

Back to the message page map!

HB : Well folks, it's been awhile, so I just want to remind everyone of a site close to HX's heart....and I'm not talking about his Homestarr Runner wiki site.