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Fangoram vs. The Moment of Truth


Mark Walberg : Tonight, I ask some person twenty one questions. The point? To see if there is at least one truthful person left in the world. Why? Because FOX needs ratings. Anyway, this is the MOMENT OF TRUTH.
*Moment of Truth intro thingie...*
Mark : Let us meet tonight's guest. He is a Orgman Assassin from the Family, and is described as "The only person in that group with an actual brain..." but is he truthful? We'll find out. Meet Fangoram!
Fangoram : It's good to be here, Mark.
Mark : You may not say that later, Fangoram. Let us meet the people Fangoram has brought with him. Co-wokers Bunji Kugashira, Zell Condorbrave, Sherry Walken, Beyond the Grave, The Don and his bastard son....
Garino : HEY!
Mark : Garino! How are you doing tonight, folks?
Don : Excellent!
Garino : Screw you, father.
Grave : .........................
Bunji : You know, you didn't have to come.
Grave : .....................
Bunji : Well, I wanted to know Fangoram's deepest secrets too.
Zell : I'm Drunk!
Sherry : We know.
Mark : Charming people. Well Fangoram, you know how it works. Of the 50 questions you answered in a polygraph test, 21 were randomly chosen. To win the money, all you have to do is answer truthfully. Are you ready?
Fangoram : Absolutely.
Mark : Ok. Question 1.....After a shower, have you ever stopped to admire yourself in the mirror?
Fangoram : When you look like me....you tend to avoid mirrors as much as possible. So no, no I don't.
Announcer Lady : That answer is......TRUE.
Mark : Ok. Things may get more personal from here.
Fangoram : I can handle that.
Mark : Question two...........Do you enjoy McDonald's Chicken Selects.
Zell : OH COME ON!
Bunji : Yeah, for about 50 episodes, that's all he talked about!
Fangoram : YES. Oh dear God YES.
Announcer Lady : That answer is TRUE
Mark : Another easy one. Let's go to Question three. Have you ever tried internet dating?
Fangoram : ....Ha ha ha. eHarmony sucks ass. But yes, yes I have.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : Any success?
Fangoram : No...no, none at all. It sucked. Came across two dudes who were looking to pick up lesbians...not what I was expecting "AMELIA!"
Mark : Question four : Have you ever committed credit fraud?
Fangoram : Hell to the no.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : That was actually how Zell made his first million dollars.
Zell : ix-nay on the redit fraud-cay, sshole-ay.

Fangoram : lol.
Mark : You're one question away from 10,000 dollars. Question six.....have you ever had sex with anyone you work with?
Fangoram : Well, I'd like to do Sherry, but she's into chicks, so hell no.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : And you now have 10,000 dollars! Now, I should remind you people on the couch about that button in front of you. If you hit that button during a question, Fangoram won't answer the question, it will be thrown out, and I'll ask him another question. Cool?
All : Cool.
Fangoram : Well, let's get on with it!
Mark : Ok, the questions get harder and more personal from here. But, you only have to answer five questions for 25,000 dollars. So, question seven.....Do you listen to Celene Dion?
Fangoram : The Answer is.....*DONG*
Mark : Grave, you hit the button. Why?
Grave : .........................
Bunji : He said "Because that question sucked."
Mark : Fair enough. Question seven....do you actually have a really small penis?
Fangoram : ......Grave, I hate you. The answer is no.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : If I whipped it out, I could pistol smack Grave with it.
Mark : O...k. Question eight....Do you hate children?
Fangoram : .....yes.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : Why?
Fangoram : Because they just suck. I want to kick a child in the face every time I see one.
Mark : You're a horrible man. Question nine.....Are you a good person?
Fangoram : Yes.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : HOW? You kick CHILDREN in the FACE?!?!?!
Fangoram : I'm doing the world a favor.
Mark : Whatever. Question ten.....have you ever had sexual relations with a transvestite?
Grave : ............!!!!!!!
Frangoram : .......yes.......
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : I was drunk! I was shocked....but at that point, I couldn't stop.
Mark : Question eleven.....have you ever had a threesome with two transvestites?
Fangoram : ........what the? .......yes.
Billy : HAH!
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : Well, Fangoram, you are now 25,000 dollars richer! But, the questions are only going to get harder from here. Do you want to continue?
Fangoram : I came to win.
Bunji : You also came in a tranny.
Zell : BURNED!
Mark : Ok, there are only four questions in this round, but they are very personal.  Question twelve.....have you ever played a gay man in a musical?
Fangoram : Well....there was that production of RENT. And Avenue Q. So, yes.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : I was paid well, so it was awesome.
Mark : Question thirteen....have you had sex with more than 100 women?
Fangoram : It's more like 300....so yes.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : Still that number is no where near Sherry's record. I keep a book of it too.
Mark : That must be one hell of a book.
Sherry : It's not.
Mark : Question fourteen....have you ever committed necrophilia with another dead body?
Fangoram : WHAT? NO!
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : That's Garino, to a T. A dead T.
Mark : Question fifteen...It's a guest question. Welcome, Johnny Damon!
Johnny : Fangoram....does God hate you?
Fangoram : Do you?
Johnny : Eh, you're okay.
Fangoram : Thanks Johnny. Then, I'll say no.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE.
Mark : Thanks Johnny for undermining the program.
Johnny : My pleasure! *poof!*
Mark : Well, Fangoram. You are 100,000 dollars richer. It gets harder from here, and you have no button to save you. Would you like to continue?
Fangoram : Yes. I'm okay with that. 
Mark : Three questions this round. Question sixteen...have you ever committed genocide?
Fangoram : Remember the people of Speakazira?
Mark : No....
Fangoram : Good. I'll say no.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE.
Fangoram : I am awesome.
Mark : Question seventeen...on a hit, have you ever killed more people than necessary.
Fangoram : Oh, yeah. Every time. I'm a killing machine. I'm like....BOOM! Headshot! And then I drop a bomb. And those that are still alive get another headshot. Then I teabag them.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : You are a horrible, horrible man.
Fangoram : That's not what the polygraph says!.....But yes, I'm terrible.
Mark : Question eighteen....Have you ever slept with the Don's wife?
Fangoram : No. God, no.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Don : Could you?
Fangoram : No. I've seen what your wife looks like.
Mark : You're 200,000 dollars richer! Are you sure you want to continue?
Fangoram : Hell yeah!
Mark : This round only has two questions, and if you answer them truthfully, you'll win 350,000. Ready?
Fangoram : Ok.
Mark : Question nineteen...have you ever pretended to be a Pretty Pretty Princess?
Fangoram : Oh Lord.....
Mark : Fangoram, we need an answer.
Fangoram : .....yes.
Don : I'll be taking your man card, thank you!
Fangoram : Than hand yours over Mr. Special-Mayo consumer! Or what about those four years at Mafia Community College, a two year school!
Don : .....I'll sit down now.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : And a low blow! Excellent. Question twenty......Have you ever had sexual relations with a picnic table?
Garino : I want to know this.
Fangoram : .....yes....
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Mark : Why?
Fangoram : Cocaine is one hell of a drug. I think Bunji put it on Pornotube.
Bunji : I did.
Mark : Well, you are one question away from 500,000 dollars, and from being very truthful. Is it worth it?
Fangoram : Oh hellz yeah. I don't like those guys.
Mark : Question Twenty-One.....Would you kill everyone in the audience?
Fangoram : Probably.
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE
Fangoram : Has Sherry having sex with the announcer lady?
Announcer Lady : That answer is...TRUE.
Mark : Well, Fangoram....you are a very truthful...
Audience : BOOOOOOOOO!!!
Mark : Did you retards NOT hear the last question?
Audience : NO!
Fangoram : Time to go to work!
Mark : Here is the 500,000 dollars. And join us next time for the Moment of Truth!
Fangoram : I'm RICH BIATCH!


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