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Cannon Vulcan

Eh....We'd think of something funny, but he's not too big in the Gungrave world. Besides, his name is Cannon Vulcan....isn't that enough?

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Cannon Vulcan....no picture yet...
In Japanese, his name is translated "Cannon Balkan", since the "b" and "v" are interchangable in Japanese. In English, it's Vulcan.
Well, he was in for like 2-3 eps. He didn't play a huge role, but here's what we got.
He took over the leadership of the Lightning Group, after he hugged the old leader to death. By hugged, we mean "Brutally Murdered".
He brought Blood War over as a sweeper for his group, with the intention to recreate the war in which they both met in, and became "Blood Brothers" in.
He made Dr.T do research for the Necrolization project, and used those Deadmen to almost take down Millenion.
He was killed in the end by Harry......sucks to be him.
SPOILERS : Highlight to read
He's Lee's brother. Tries to get Lee to kill Harry. Doesn't work.

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Him and Blood War....yeah, they're "Blood Brothers"......yeah, they like each other. So what? Wanna fight about it? We'll send you Old Man Porn...what? Bitch, what?