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What Would Fangoram Do? #3

Fangoram takes on Halloween....in a battle to the DEATH

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Garino : Ok,you bastards. It's that time of year again....
Bunji : Christmas?
Garino : No.
Zell : Kwanzza?
Garino : No!
Sherry : Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
Garino : NO!
All : aww....
Garino : It's Halloween!
Fangoram : Yay!
All : AWWWWWW!!!
Garino : Aww shove it. Now, I've drawn up plans for roles this Halloween night. I'll be here killing trick-or-treaters and using their remains for my experiments.
Bunji : Like Juji?
Garino : Yeah.
Bunji : You suck.
Garino : That's what your mother said.
Bunji : My mother's dead....
Zell : ZING!
Garino : Oh....well, the rest of you are going to take Fangoram trick-or-treating...
Sherry : Umm, I've gotta go...it's my bath night...(runs away, fast)
Garino : I thought deadmen didn't have to bathe!
Bunji : Err...yeah. We kinda do. Unless you want to smell like a ...deadguy.
Fangoram : CANDY!!!
Zell : Umm... I think it's my bath night as well...
Garino : Oh no you don't, you and Bunji are taking Fangoram, or else...
Bunji : Or else what?
Garino : Or else....you'll see those pictures of the Don and Bob Poundmax doing the nasty...Like Sherry will tomorrow.....
Zell and Bunji : WE'LL GO!!!!
Fangoram : CANDY!!!! CANDY!!! YAY!!!
Bunji and Zell : I hate you...
               later that night
Zell ( As a beer can with a huge honking gun.) : I really do like this costume, even though I wish this gun was real...
Bunji ( As Oprah) : Who said it wasn't?...
Zell : All Right.  By the way, I like your costume.  It's scarier than anything I've ever seen.
Bunji : Yeah, she scares a lot of people.
Fangoram ( Dressed up as a Nun) : TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!
*Door opens*
Billy : Oh, another one.....aww shit!
Fangoram : TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!!
Billy :Err....here ya go....(hands him some candy, somehow...)
Fangoram : THANK YOU!!!! (Skips away)
Billy : That was distrubin'.....*catches sight of Bunji* .......I'm going to have nightmares tonight.....
Mika : Who was that Billy?
Billy : Oprah....
Billy : No, she left peacefully...
Mika : I think Juji fainted in terror....*thump*...so did Grave...
           back to Zell, Bunji and Fangoram....
Bunji : What did you get at that last house?
Zell : A bloody Bud Light!  It's nothing to a Fosters!
Fangoram : I GOT SOME MINTS!!!
Bunji : I got a rock...
Zell : All right, lets go back, because I'm going deaf because of Fangoram.
Fangoram : NO!!!!!  I'M NOT TIRED!!!!  * Throws hissy fit*
Zell : There's candy back home...
Fangoram : CANDY!!!!! * Runs past everyone*
                       Back at the Mansion...
Garino : Oh goody, more test subjects! *Cocks shotgun*
*Opens door*
Fangoram : TRICK OR ---*Gets shot in head*
                 *Falls down*
Garino : Oh... Damn... It's just you...
Fangoram : *rises* CANDY!!!!
Garino : Just get inside....where's the walking beer can and Oprah?
Bunji : Right here.....*dodges shot gun blast*
Garino : Oh fine. I'm going to try out my new test subjects. Fangoram, hand out candy. Bunji, Zell.....do something useful like making popcon....I love popcorn, even more than experimenting on dead people....
Bunji : You are one sick, sick man...
Garino : Duh! Thank you!  And help me with these bodies.
Zell : um...no. Do it yourself.
Garino : More fun for me then! *picks up wagon of dead trick-or-treaters and leaves*
                           a few minutes later...
Trick or treaters : Trick or treat!! (All Dressed as Grave)
Trick or Treaters : Mommy!
(Scene deleted due to extreme voilence)
*Viewing Carnage* Zell : I didn't even know that they made Grave costumes.
Bunji : How are we going to clean this up?
Zell : Leave this to me.  Garino, We have more test subjects!!!!
Garino : (From basement) YAY!!  This is the greatest Halloween ever!
Fangoram : CANDY!!!!!!  GRAAAAAVE!!!!!! 
Zell : Bunji, will you chage out of the Oprah costume?
Bunji : Who said this was a costume? Brandon loved this outfit when he was alive....
Zell : You scare me...
Bunji : Just doing my best.

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Bunji as Oprah, we have the picture, and we're scared...
We won't show it because it might scare too many people...