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WWFD? #4

Fangoram vs. ELECTION 2004

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Why Bush won Ohio this year.......




(Cleveland, Ohio - November 2nd, 2004, 8 PM.)
Fangoram : NADER!!!!!!!!!!
Zell : How in the world did he become a registered voter?
Bunji : The whole P. Diddy 'Vote or die' thing.
Zell : What does P. Diddy have to do with anything.....?
Bunji: Apparently.....nothing. But Garino and Sherry thought that, since he was killed in Ohio, he should vote. P. Diddy registered Fangoram, because Fangoram said "I VOTE OR YOU DIE!"
Zell : Vote or Die...... But then why are we here?  I'm a damn Aussie and you're..., um, What the hell are you, besides dead?
Bunji : Canadian.
Zell : Bunji Kugashira.....Canadian?
Bunji : Ehhh.
Zell : Yep, that's Canadian allright.
Fangoram : VOOOOOTE!!!!!!!!
Bunji : How long is this damn line anyway?
Zell : Let me take care of this...
Zell : Foster's.....Australian for Beer, and death...
Bunji *Views massive carnage* Wow, this is all new to me.  So much Alcohol, so many deaths.  Nice touch.
Fangoram : VOTING TIME!!!  ME VOTE!!!! (runs over to table, over the dead bodies.)
Voting Lady : Ok sir, just sign here, and then  step into the booth.
Fangoram : *Spells name F-A-N-G-(Backwards) R-O-M*
Voting Lady : I've seen worse....Ok, Mr. Fangrom, go vote.
Fangoram :YEAH!!!! * Steps into booth*
Bunji : This is gonna be a disaster.
Zell : *Passes out drunk*
Bunji : Foster's..... Australian for Moron...
                    *40 Minutes later*
Bunji : *Kicks still passed out Zell* This guy is a good kick.  Fangoram, you done yet?
Fangoram : NO!
Bunji : You need me to come in and help?
Voting Lady : You can't go in there!
Bunji : Ok, I didn't want to use these, but ok.... Wolves...
Voting Lady : Awww......Crap!
Fangoram : DOOOONE!!!!!!!!
Bunji : Who'd you vote for? *Slings Zell over his shoulder*
Fangoram : *Tears fall* I VOTED KERRY!......
Bunji : Don't cry big guy.....I'll buy you an ice cream....
Fangoram : with sprinkles?
Bunji : Yeah...sure.
Fangoram : YAY!!!!!!! *shoots gun in excitement*
Zell : *Wakes up, throws up*
Bunji : You drunken basterd, this is my new tattered coat!!
Zell : I have a seperate stomach for cake and ice cream...
Bunji : Oh shut up ... stupid Aussie
*About 5 minutes later, voting place is completely destroyed.* * Along with the winning Kerry votes.*
Bunji : Lets go, you bastards.
Fangoram : Sprinkles!!!!!......GGGGRRRRAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!
*20000 miles away*
Grave : ???
Juji : Did you hear that...?
Billy : Yeah, that was my bladder! I gotta pee!
Juji : Maybe if Mika would hurry the hell up and get out of the damn bathroom...
Mika *inside bathroom* It's THAT time, so shut up.
Billy : Too much info...
Juji : I told you that we should have made more than one bathroom.
Billy : Spike, get building!!
Grave *Still looking 20000 miles towards Ohio, but then shrugs and walks away*
WINNER : FANGORAM!!! and George W. Bush....crap....






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Let's face it people : Canada's looking pretty good/Hillary 2008