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WWFD? # 7

Fangoram at Friday's Pistons/Pacers NBA Game......Oh the humanity....

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Ron Artest... And the Pacers

Garino : OK you bastards, get in here.
Zell : What's with the constant verbal abuse?  Does it grow hair on your chest, or other type places?
Garino : No... but it does make me laugh.  So sit down and shut up you bastards.
Bunji : You're gay.
Garino : For the last damn time, I was really drunk, and Zell was hitting on me!
Zell : I was unconscious!!
Sherry : I think that it has to do with his obsession with dead bodies.
Garino : Stop talking about Cal like that!!!
Zell : Cal, like Calvin, like Calvin Coolidge?
Garino : A while ago, but we are so over.  I've met Herb, and he sucks like a Hoover. *winks*
Sherry, Bunji, and Zell : *speechless*
Fangoram : RICHARD SIMMONS!!!!!!
Garino : That's next weeks episode, so shut your pie hole.  So Fangoram, you have anything else to say?
Fangoram : Oh....umm.....GOOOOOOOOOOOOGLE!!!!!!!!
Zell : Are you talking about the new popular search engine?
Fangoram *shakes head 'yes' *
Bunji : That'll do.
Garino : OK, lets stop with the shameless plugs and get back to buisness.  I've gotten tickets to the Pacers/Pistons game in Detroit and I want you to go because I don't know a thing about basketball.
Bunji : Neither do I, all I know about is hockey.
Zell : What are we going to do about the almighty retarded one?
Garino : I don't know, let's ask.  Hey Sherry, do you want to go?
Sherry : Shut up, I used to play in the WNBA.
Bunji : So it's official, you are a lesbain.
Sherry : Um... no...?
Garino : Come on, I want to get there early so I can hear William Hung sing the national anthem.
Zell : If anyone else besides him did the anthem, it would simlpy sacreligious.  Oh, wait, sorry, that's supposed to be reversed.
(A while later, at Arburn Hills, in about the 4th row, with 45 seconds left)
Zell : Man, I don't know about you, but that foul was definitely intentional.
Garino : I still don't know what the hell is happening.
Fangoram : AAAAFFFRRROOOOOO!!!!!!!
Bunji : You know what would be good right now?  A good fight...and a beer. I'll be right back.
Sherry : *Talking to the woman next to her* So, come here often? I used to play in the WNBA.
Woman : *Hands her a piece of paper* Here, call me...anytime.
Zell : *Something flies by infront of him*  What the bloody hell was that?
(About 5 seconds later, Ron Artest is running towards Zell)
Zell : Me,...throw a beer...  THAT'S BLASPHEMY!!!! * Starts throwing punches at Ron*
Stephen Jackson : *Runs up to help out Ron* I'll save you Ron!!!
Fangoram : YOU'RE BLOCKING MY VIEW!!!!!!! *Pulls out Center Head and whacking it over Jackson's head*
Garino : Yeah!!  I'm starting to like basketball!! I'm gonna go storm the court!!
Zell : *Still punching Ron* WHY *punch* WON'T *punch* YOU *punch* DIE?? *punch*
Sherry : Umm, Zell, h's been dead for 5 minutes.
Zell : oh... whatever
Garino : This is fun! *Gets blindsided be Jermaine O'Neal* Ow, that hurt you bastard!!
O'Neal : Yeah, take that!!
Garino : I didn't want to do this, but ok...
O'Neal : *Starts glowing and floating* What the hell??!!?
Garino : Jermaine, you are my black, basketball playing clone.  I wanted a third in command, after that retard Spike, but noooo, you wanted to play basketball.
O'Neal : *Clutches fist and starts hitting self* Hey, stop that!  Ow...Ow...
Garino : Stop hitting yourself! *Ow!* Stop hitting yourself! *DEAR GOD, MAKE HIM STOP!*  Stop hitting yourself!
(In the stands)
Ben Wallace : Hey, Zell, you need help?
Zell : Sure, whatever.
Ben : Ok, let me check...*Reaches into afro and pulls out a dagger* Here, catch!
Zell : Thanks Ben Wallace! *Smiles* (Ding)
Ben : No problem Zell *Smiles* (Ding)
Sherry : Where's that ding comming from?
Bunji : Hey, I got beer, what I miss?
Everybody that's not dead : Um... nothing.....?
Bunji : *Views carnage* Oh man!  Next time let me know.
Garino : Ok, lets go home.  We'renever going to a basketball game ever again.  I do though have tickets to tomarrows South Carolina/Clemson college football game.  Lets go.  Oh wait...*Picks up Ron Artest's foot* this will go high on e-Bay. *Picks up Stephen Jackson* And this will go great with my Liza Minelli collection!
Bunji and Zell : YOU LIKE LIZA MINELLI!!!!!
Garino : So? Bunji, you have a shrine to Elton John!
Zell : Ha!!
Garino : You have a shrine to the Backstreet Boys Zell!
Bunji : ZING!
Zell : Let's just go, OK?
(Many miles away from Detroit)
Billy : *Playing GunGrave O.D.* Man, this game kicks ass!!  I wonder what my alternate costume is? *picks his alternate costume*  Uh-Oh...
Juji : That little bastard, I'll kill him!!! *Slices the TV in half*
Spike : Oh man, not again!!!  That's the fifth time you have sliced that TV.
Mika : Well spike, I guess that you'll have to fix it...again.
Spike : Why me?
Billy : I'm a ghost and I can only use a gutair to pick up things,Grave is outside wondering who yelled "GRAVE", and Juju's blind...... That reminds me Juji, How can you see the TV is you're blind?
Juji : Well,...um... shut up RB.
Grave : *Walks back inside, shrugs and takes controller from Billy*
Juji : Billy, how can you play games if you're a ghost?
Billy : Um... I...um... isn't time to end this part? Please?

Garino, Zell, FANGORAM, and BEN WALLACE!
Losers :
Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O'Neal, and Bunji for missing the whole thing....



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Cal : Man, you do suck like a Hoover, Hoover. Just look at your Presidency.
Herb : Shut up.