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WWFD? #9

Fangoram vs. Christmas shopping....stupid commercialization...bitches

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Christmas Shopping


Garino : Ok you bastards, god, that never gets old, get in here!
Zell : Verbal abuse, again.  Must we break out your Liza Minelli collection?
Garino : Shut up!  I love her!
Bunji : Garino, you're gayer than a three dollar bill.
Sherry :  I never quite got that saying.
Fangoram : BILL CLINTON!!!!!!!
Bunji : That's the two dollar bill....dipshit.
Garino : OK...let's try to get back on topic.  As you know, the holidays are around the corner.
Sherry : Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
Garino : No!
Bunji : Kwanza?
Garino : No!!...Wait, yesh...
Zell : Hannukah?
Garino : Yeah, I guess.....But I'm talking about Christmas.
All : OHHHH!!!!!.......YAY!!!!!
Zell : Shit, I haven't done my shopping...
Bunji : That's OK, Santa will bring everything you want on Christmas Eve!!!!
Sherry : Umm....Bunji? There.....is no Santa.
Bunji : WHAT?!??!!?!? *Stunned*..........
Zell : Oh no.....well, I'm going to get him out of his stunned state with a little hardcore porn, so we'll just meet you at the *shudders* mall....
Everyone : *shudders*
*Later, at the *shudder* Mall*
Fangoram : SHOPPERS!!!!!!!
Sherry : Damn, I haven't seen this many attractive women since I was at the Playboy mansion....Oh crap...did I saw that outloud?
Fangoram : YES!!!!!
Garino : Where the hell are Bunji and Zell?
Bunji : Is there still no Santa?
Zell :  Yes, there is no Santa....
Bunji : Just hold me....
Zell : Fine....but remember, I'm straight.
Bunji : Ok....*Hugs Zell*
Zell : We never speak of this....
Garino : There you guys are...
Bunji : WOLVES!!!!!!!
Zell : MERCS!!!!!!
Fangoram : BUNNIES!!!!!!!
*Mercs, Wolves, and Bunnies all attack Garino*
Garino : AHHH!!!!! THE PAIN!!! I WON'T SAY ANYTHING!!!!!!! BUNNIES!!!!!!!
Zell : Where the bunnies come from?
Fangoram : BUNNIES!!!!
Bunji : Any-damn-ways... let's get shopping.
Sherry : Is he over the whole Santa thing?
Zell : Yep, your "movie" healed him.
Sherry : I thought he was using that for psychological purposes....???
Zell : He did...
Sherry : .....Oh......ok! *Goes on her merry way, hitting on the Victoria Secret saleswoman* You know, I was in the WNBA.....
Saleswoman : Take me now!!!!  I'll meet you in the changing room.....
Sherry : All right.....
Bunji : How does she do that??!?!?!
Zell : She was in the WNBA.
Fangoram : LESBIANS!!!!!!
Zell : Well, time to shop.
*After  about 5 hours*
Bunji : There is WAY too many people here.
Zell : Ahh, time for fun...
Fangoram : ELVES!!!!!!
*About 5 more hours after that*
Garino : NO!
Zell : MORE!
Fangoram : EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sherry : Man, you have to love those Victoria Secret saleswomen.....they're like stallions....*sees all the guys with several shopping bags* ....Have fun guys?
Fangoram, Garino, Zell, Bunji : NOOOOO!!!!!!!
Sherry : Well, I need to do my shopping....so you have to wait with me!
Garino, Zell, Bunji : NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
*About a hundred feet away*
Spike : *On Santa's lap*  ...And I want a seed seeker, and the Wiggles, and...
*100 feet the other way*
Garino : I have this sudden urge.....to watch....the Wiggles!
Bunji : Dumbass.
*Back at Santa*
Mika : *In line* Hurry up, I want to talk to Santa...
Grave : .........
Billy : Don't tell them that!!
Grave : ...........
Billy : Shh! Juji's next!!!
Juji : *On Santa's lap* ...And I want some more blades... and some ammo...Oh, and some of those Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards...
The Wiggles!
The Losers!!








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Christmas, the day Jesus was born...so we could buy a crap load of Tickle-Me Elmos......Yay!