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WWFD? #10


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Christmas stuff


Garino : Ok you bastards, get in here.
Zell : We're gonna ignore your verbal abuse, because our psychologist tells us to.
Garino : What have I told you about listening to Bunji?
Sherry : Not to listen to him?
Garino : Yesh, exactly!
Bunji : Garino, what have I told you about having sex with dead bodies?
Garino : Not to?
Bunji : Yesh, exactly.
Garino : Anyways, I'm going to take Fangoram to local Wal-Mart to pick up pick up some Christmas stuff.
Zell : You want us to go?
Garino : No, I'm going to take him, because I have to buy some guns, and some Martha Steward pillow sheets.....and a tape of the Wiggles...
Sherry : And you call me gay...
Zell : You are though.
Garino : I want you guys to look after the mansion, and to distract the Don.
Bunji : OK, but if he tries to hit on me again, I will use thw wolves.
Garino : Who said you couldn't in the first place?
Bunji : Wait! I could all this time?
Garino : Who's stopping you? I was going to kill him anyway....
Bunji : Ok.....*To wolves* Would you guys like a snack?
Wolves : Hell yeah! Err......OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Fangoram : WOLVES!!!!!!!!
Everyone else : Shut up.
*At the Anti-Christ, aka Wal-Mart*
Garino : OK Fangoram, try not to kill anyone this time.
Fangoram : OK!!!!!!!!!
Gaino : Are you going to say it's "Opposite Day" again?
Fangoram : YES!!!!!
Garino : That means no, right?
Fangoram : MAYBE!!!!!!!
Garino : Let's just go.....I need my Wiggles damn it.
Fangoram : *points* I WANT MY YU-GI-OH! CARDS!!!!!!!
Garino : Not this year....
Fangoram : YU-GI-OH!!!!!!!
Garino : Err......Zell is going to get them for you....
Fangroam : YEAH!!!!!!
Garino : Now.....ONTO MARTHA STEWART!!!!!
Fangoram : CHARGE!!!!!!
Wal-Mart Shoppers in the way : Oh.....
Garino : Man, look at all these Christmas decorations...
Fangoram : *Looking at Santa statue* SANTA!!!
Garino : That's not Santa, that's a statue.
Fangoram : SPRONKLES!!!!!!!
Garino : What the hell are you talking about?
Wal-Mart : I am the Wal-Mart, you have been causing much trouble here, you must leave.
Garino : We have money....
Wal-Mart : Um....hmm..... No, you still must go...
Fangoram : YU-GI-OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garino : We are not leaving until we get our f*******Martha Stewart pillow sheets and our f****** Wiggles!!!!
Fangoram : YU-GI-OH!!!!!
Garino : And our f******* Yu-Gi-Oh.
*Magically appears out of nowhere and hits Garino in the face*
Wal-Mart : Just.....just go.
Garino : Ok......Hey Fangoram, I think the Wal-Mart called you Grave-ly retarded.
Fangoram : WHAT?!?!?!???!?!? * pulls out Center Head* GGGGGRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
Wal-Mart : Oh Frequent Monk Miles.....
*At K-Mart*
Mika : I thought this place was bankrupt?
Spike : I know, but how did they buy Sears?
Billy : Vast Wal-Mart conspirecy.
Juji : You are as retarded as you look.
Billy : At least I can see....
Juji : I hate you.....Where's Grave?
Mika : He's trying on some new clothes
Grave : *In Afro-Centric clothes* .......?
Mika : Oh, you look so cute.
Juji : *Whispering to Billy* More like he looks gay...
Spike : Better than your tattered coat...
Juji : Shut your mouth up, you stupid little punk!
Mika : Stop fighting, because Santa's looking!!
Juji and Spike : Oh, right....don't want coal.
Grave : ...........
Billy : No....let's wait another year. It's amusing having them fight like this.....thinking they're going to get coal.....Awww.....
Grave : ................!!!!!
Billy : SHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Mika : What Grave say?
Billy : Nothing...nothing.......
Juji : Hey, are those Yu-Gi-Oh cards over there?
Winners: Garino, Fangoram, K-Mart!!!!!
Losers : Wal-Mart......and the Wal-Mart shoppers.....


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Down with the Anti-Christ that is Wal-Mart..............ruin our small buisnesses, will ya?....