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What Would Fangoram Do #1


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We call this "What would Fangoram order at Subway?"
Fangoram: Fangoram want GRAVE!
Random Subway Worker #345 : Sorry sir, we don't have any Graves, but why don't you try one of our low carb subs?
Fangoram : Fangoram don't want low carb diet, Fangoram want to kill GGGGRRRRRRAAAAVVVVVVEEEE!
RSW 345 : I think we need.....Jared!!!!
Jared: Someone call my name? 
RSW 345 : Our Savior!!!!
Other Subway Workers : Yay!
Jared : You sure that you don't want one of our low ca-
Fangoram: Subway don't have Grave, then Fangoram go to McDonalds and get chicken selects!!!!
Jared : NOOOOO! Those have 32 grams of f...ff....FAT!
Fangoram : You call Fangoram fat!  Fangoram KILL SUBWAY GUY!!!
Jared: This doesn't look good...
RSW 345: Crap...
(Scene deleted due to extreme violence)
Random McDonald's Worker number 647 : Welcome to McDonald's, how can we help you?
Fangoram : GGGGRAAVVVVEE!!!!!! and Chicken Selects......

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What Would Fangoram Do? Probably Kill somebody.