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WWFD #11

Fangoram VS. NEW YEAR....

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New Years


*New Years Eve*
Garino : Ok you bastards, get in here.
Zell : Ok, you homo, shut the fuck up!
Garino : What's with the verbal abuse?
Bunji : How do you like it? Hmm? Huh?
Garino : I....really don't like it....
Sherry : That's what we thought....bitch.
Garino : Stop ganging up on me?!?!?!?
Fangoram : HOEBASKET!!!
Garino : Et tu Fangoram?
Fangoram : INSTANT MESSANGER!!!!!!
Bunji : Wha....Oh, that's next week.
Fangoram : NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!
Garino : Ok.....Ok, enough. We need to get down to buisness.....
Zell : Like how you got down on your knees to that dead corpse.....
Bunji : Or like that time you were on your knees for that gay hooker of the Don's?
Sherry : Or like the time you were on your knees for the Mayor of Billion City?
Garino : ENOUGH!!!! Stop talking about my gay clone.....who I shot......yesterday.....twice.
Fangoram, Sherry, Bunji, Zell, Spike : LIAR!!!!!!
Mika : What was that for Spike?
Spike : I....don't know..... something just hit me to say that.
Grave : ...........
Billy : Watch your fuckin' mouth!
Juji : Aren't we supposed to be at the end?
Mika : We probably will be....again.
Garino : As you know, tomorrow is.....
Sherry : Start of the WNBA season?
Bunji : Start of the Hockey season?
Zell : Not for a long while pal...
Fangoram : BOXING DAY!!!
Zell : Oh!!! Abe Lincoln day!!!! *Takes out stovepipe hat*
Garino : NO!....GET THAT DAMN HAT OFF!!!
Zell : Bitch.....*takes hat off*
Garino : It's New Years Day!!!!! Thus making today New Years Eve!!!!!
Zell : Well, duh.
Sherry : What are your New Years resolutions?
Zell : Getting wasted 23/7!!
Bunji : Getting an even more larger fan base! I want to be bigger than that Anderson bloke!!!
Garino : HA!!! Good luck with that one.....
Zell : Hellsing Anderson, Matrix Anderson?
Bunji : Hellsing Anderson.....Matirx Anderson was seriously gay...almost as gay as Garino.
Garino : Fuck off. My New Years Resolution is to cut back on the Necrophilia....and increase the Masturbation.
Sherry : Visit my husband's grave more often....and sleep with random women on it.
Bunji : Harsh!!!!
Sherry : It's what he would of wanted.
Harry : HELLLLL YEAH!!!!!!!!
Bear : Quiet you.
Harry : Sorry sir.
Garino : Well, I'm throwing a New Years party, and I want you all to be on your best behavior.
Zell : We are always on out best behavior!
Garino : That's your best behavior?!?!?  God, I'm screwed!!
Sherry : Yep, you are.
Bunji : Who are you inviting?
Garino :  That Bear/Bob/Ballardbird thing.  That guy with the huge afro...
Zell : Ben Wallace?
Garino : Him too.  I'm talking about the guy at the supermarket.
Bunji : Johnny Damon?
Fangoram : DAMON!!!!!!!!
Garino : You will not cause a stir!
Zell : Mulan from that Disney movie?
Garino : Hell yeah!
Bunji : Ann Coulter?
Sherry : I killed her, she tried to resist my WNBA charm.  So I pulled a Michael Moore, and I ate her!
Zell : Eww... oh wait, YEAH!  You have the video?
Sherry : Later...
Bunji : He's dead, we killed him, retard.
Garino : Everyone get ready, the guests are gonna be here any minute.
*A While later, with Johnny Damon, the Bob/Bird/Bear morph, Mulan, George Washington, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge and Ben Wallace*
Zell : Hey Ben, I almost forgot, here's your dagger.
Ben : Thanks Zell *Ding*
Zell : No thank you Ben *Double Ding*
Mulan & Sherry : Where's that ding coming from?
Fangoram : JESUS!!
Damon : For the last time, it's Damon!
Fangoram : JENGA!!!!!!
Damon : ....Have you seen my world series ring? *SHINESSSS!!!*
Fangoram : BRIGHT!!!! *Wall falls* NOOOO!!!!!!
Damon : JENGA!!!!
Sherry : So Mulan, have you ever been in the WNBA?
Mulan : No....
Sherry : Do you want to? *Wink*
Mulan : What?....Do I want to what?
Bunji : Sleep with her.
Mulan : Eh, I'm plastered enough to do anything.
Sherry and Bunji : SCORE!!!! *High five*
Bunji : I get to join in this time......
*Bunji, Sherry, Mulan disappear*
George Washington : So, how's the wife and kids there Bear/Bob/Bird?
B/B/B : *Makes some sort of screeching noise*
George : Ahh, same old, same old....
Herb : Garino!  Where are you?
Garino : Stop harping me man, I need to take a leak!
Herb : I'll Help!!!!
Garino : Eh, what the hell.
Calvin : Damn it Hoover....time to die!!!!
Garino and Hoover : Wha.....?
Washington, B/B/B, Zell : Awww....
Fangoram : *pulls out Center Head* YAY!!!!!!
Garino : Aww....my peeing partner....
*AT the Truck which is at Times Square*
Juji : 5!
Mika : 4!
Spike : 3!
Grave : .........!!!! *Takes out Coffin, uses Death Blow on the ball....blows it up*
Juji : Now we're stuck in 2004 forever!!!
Mika : Where's Billy?
Billy : *in truck, watching movie on computer* : Man, that Mulan is HOT!!!!
Mulan's Husband (Shang) : I know.
Billy : We're stuck in 2004 for ever, you know?
Shang : No we're not, it's just a ball, it doesn't actually stop time.
Billy : Oh!!!!  Movie time!!
Mika : Hey, get off of that computer, I want to use AIM!
Juji : Wasn't that allready stated that that's next week?
Mika : Oh!
Grave : ................
Billy & Shang : We have kids here!!  Watch your fucking mouth!!
Mika : Where's Dick Clark?
Juji : He had a 'stroke', mneaning that he's getting a  robotic upgrade.
Winnahs: Sherry, Bunji, Mulan!
Losers : Garino, Herb, the New Years Ball!


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Bear : I thought I told you to shut up?
Harry : Screw you!!!
Bear :  *kicks his ass....royally*