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WWFD #13

Fangoram vs. Poker

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Garino : Ok you bastards, this time I won't call you bastards..... crap....nevermind.  Just get in here!
Zell : Whatever, just hurry, TILT is on. 
Garino : What the hell is TILT?
Zell : A Poker themed drama series from the fine people at ESPN.
Bunji : Ahh, God bless ESPN.  For all of it's sportsness.
Fangoram : MXC!!!!
Bunji : Wrong network....
Fangoram : OOPS!!!!!
Sherry : God Bless the ESPN for their wonderful lesbo-erotic coverage of the WNBA!!!!
Garino : Riiiiiight.  Any-digity-way, we're going to the casino to meet with kinda fruity "I have a monocle" Casino Owner.
Bunji : He has a crappy name....
Garino : Hey! Mr. and Mrs. Owner loved to gamble!!!! So they named their only son Casino...of course he got picked on by his 25 sisters, but that's not the point!!
Zell : Can we gamble while you're talking to him?
Sherry : Like the people on TV!!!
Zell : Because TV makes it look so easy!!!
Bunji : Cause you're retarded.
Sherry : SECURITY!!!!!
*A black gloved hand from out of nowhere reaches in and grabs Bunji, and pulls him out of the scene*
*He comes back 2 minutes later, all bloody*
Bunji : Nice try.
Fangoram : I AM THE MATADOR!!!!!!
Bunji : You know what? Fine! Go gamble!!! I have people to see anyway!!!
*Bunji leaves*
Garino : Who the hell does he have to see....eh, who cares. It's not like he'll go visit Grave, Juji, and Billy for no apparent reason at the very end.
Zell : Yeah.
Sherry : Seriously.
Fangoram : I LIKE BANANAS!
Garino : LET'S GO GAMBLE!!!!
The Captain from MXC : Get it on!
Casino Owner : Welcome, have fun, waste a lot of your money!
Garino : You know what, we have to talk.  I think that I'm gonna have to demote you from final boss to about, like, the second level boss.
Casino : But why?
Garino : Because, you umm.....suck.
Casino : Can we negotiate this?  Maybe use the roulette table to work it out?
Garino : How about we go into your office. *At Sherry, Zell, and Fangoram* Well, keep the carnage to a maximum. *Whispering to Casino* Reverse Psychology.
Zell : Oh right!!! *Shoots out like ten slot machines.*
Sherry : I think he was using that stupid reverse psychology.
Zell : Oh, well, didn't work.
Fangoram : *Finished slaughtering 20 people* ONLINE POKER!!!!!!
Sherry : Umm... ok?
Zell : Thank God we only gave him Monopoly money.
Fangoram : I WANT BALTIC AVENUE!!!!!!
Sherry : Ok, let's ignore the steaming pile of retardation and play some poker.
Zell : Alright, thank God I got my costume.
Sherry : What are you going to do, dress as 'The Matador' from TILT?
Zell : Actually, I'm going to dress as a real matador.
Sherry : And the reason is........?
Zell : Well, where else am I gonna where this constume???
Sherry : Spain?
Zell : No...too many Spanish people.
Sherry : Well what did you expect? The Japanese?
Zell : .........The Dutch..........
Sherry : Err....no.
Zell : They've been neutral in every war....there has to be something going on under the radar there!!!!
Fangoram : MARY WANNA!!!!
Sherry : Marry wanna what?......Mary wanna a piece of this Sherry meat?
Zell : Shut the hell up.
Sherry : Every time you speak, Garino kills a doggy. Please, think of the doggys.
Garino : I can hear you!!!!!
Zell : Less talky, more losing of money!!
Fangoram : PLAYMAKERS!!!!!
Zell : Wrong damn show again, but right station at least.
Sherry : He's getting closer.
Zell : *At table* Ha! looky at that, a full house.  I have ringed another bull!
Sherry : You're betting against yourself.  There's no one at that table.  And you're talking to the beverage waitress, in which I will now hit on.
Fangoram : ALL IN!!!!!
Chris Moneymaker : Ok, I'll see your$$5 dollar bet.  I have trips king.
Fangoram : FOUR OF KIND *Actually has a pair of twos*
Chris : Actually, that's just a pair.  And they look like they were drawn on a 3x5 card....badly.
Fangoram : FOUR OF KIND!!!! *Pulls out Center Head*
Zell : You know, he's probably changed his name to Moneymaker just for kicks.
Sherry : *Making out with waitress* What?
Zell : Nothing....
Garino : Casino......
Casino : Alright....
*At Gamblers Anonymous Meeting*
Grave : ...............
Bunji : AMEN BRO!!!
Juji : Is....that you Bunji?
Bunji : Uhhhh.......no? I'm......Frodo?
Juji : I loved LOTR!!  I even camped out of the theater for lkike three months.  Still was behind this short little midget.  Actually, he was a little too tall for a midget, more like an idget.
Grave : .............................................
Bunji : Bro.....that was beautiful!!!!
Juji : I....don't know what Frodo and Grave are talking about!!!!
Grave : ............................
Bunji : Me too bro....me too.
*Grave and Bunji hug*
GA Leader : See, we have a breakthrough!!!!
Billy : More like a gaythrough!
*Grave and Bunji shoot at GA leader and Billy....Billy's unharmed....cause he's a freaking ghost.*
Grave and Bunji!
The Captain!
Everyone else!




Who wins?
Take a guess....


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