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By BlitzAce84

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Bunji: GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!
Sherry: Whats wrong bunji? hockey season cancelled again
Bunji: no... its far worse than that far worse than that time when <specific reference to Sherrys three way with the Don and Bob>
Sherry:<throws up>
Bunji: yeah.. i know thats what i did when i saw it
Zell are you talking about that <Specific refence to Garinos three way with Hoover and Bob>
Bunji: NOOOO!!!!!!
Garino:.........................I was traumatized
Sherry, Bunji, Zell: I'd bet
Bunji: any way since you guys are all here I have to tell you whats been on my mind
Garino: Like we care
Zell: yeah mate I mean "do you want to cry on my shoulder"
Bunji:yes... wait shut the hell up any way its this damn thing
Sherry: the TV?
Bunji: no
Zell: The new betty Crocker thingy
Bunji: no.....
Garino: the picture of you at the new years after party?
Bunji: NO!!! and where the hell did you get that
<back at the truck>
Billy: God Damnit grave I thought i told you to stop sending chain letters saying that thats what'll happen on a new years after party if you dont send it to 1 person.
Billy: Well you too!!!
Juji:Hmmm.. Do I even know one person?
<back at the mansion>
Bunji: ok now that thats all cleared up back to what i was talking about
Zell: I need to see you in a white lab coat again mate
Bunji: my fee is now half of double
Zell: You bloody bastard I'll kill you for overcharging
Sherry: Zell half of double is regular price
Zell:divide the 2 times the 2 shes right
Bunji: <smirks> anyway I was watching some of this real life television (anime) and i noticed alot of those bastards have been ripping off my style
Garino: So..... whats your point?
Bunji: Durrr i want them dead im the only guy whos supposed to look badass in sunglasses
Garino: OH!!! i see well it just so happens i just got some money for a all out battle at a random unknown stadium
Bunji: Really? so youll help me out?
Garino: yeah
Zell: why are you helping him and i get the strange feeling that this is going to be a giant
blue green retard related activity
Bunji: I took care of that
<in a kindergarten class room>
Ms. Montes: ok now we have a new student
Ms. Montes: so that'll be out first activity, ok class we're fingerpainting today
Fangoram: YAY!!!!!!!
<back at the mansion>
Garino: the only reason im doing this is cause i want to see bunji get his ass kicked
Bunji: I like you for all the wrong reasons and i hate you for all the right ones Zell: we all do mate
Garino: Ok then lets get the ass whooping started in the first and last ever characters who look badass in sunglasses battle
Zell: 20 bucks says this all ends in retardation
Sherry: You're on!!!
<At the random collosium thingy>
All other characters who are not bunji: WTF!!!!!!!!!!! How did we get here
Garino: I either tear gassed you, shot you with a tranquilizer gun or paid you
4/5 of the crowd: Oh Yeah.......
Garino: oh and sherry i brought your dad back to life
Sherry: Really? yay wait why didnt you bring harry back too?
Garino: he didnt wear sunglasses
Sherry: Damnit!!!
Bear Walken: Fuck why am I even here im just going to die any way
<In heaven hell or Wisconsin>
Lee: Go Bear
Bob: bring me back some KFC
Lee: shut up you fat bastard
Bob: sorry....
Harry: I should've worn those damn sunglasses
Big Daddy: WTF I wear sunglasses
Maria: yes dear but you don't look badass in them
Big Daddy: Damnit
<back at the tournament>
Garino: Ready contestents 5...... 4......... 3........ 2.......... 1..................
WolfWood: Wheres My GOD DAMN GUN?!!!!!!!
Garino: GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Fangoram drops out of the sky with his hat over his face>
Bunji: WTF he was supposed to be finger painting
Crowd: He doesnt wear sunglasses!!!!!!
Fangoram: < lifts head wearing elton John sunglasses>
Elton John: ...............
all the contestants: HOLY SHIIIII..............
Damon: Damnit dont you people know anything about sins.
Fangoram: HA HA!!!!!! FANGORAM BAD ASS, BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 lesbians: TAKE US FANGORAM!!!!!
Bunji: <with a bullet lodged in his head and his left ass cheek> Damnit those should've been my co-ed lesbians.
Zell: Pay up
Sherry: damn
Fangoram:<in a sexy spanish voice> Grave......
Grave: <Picks up the truck to throw>
Billy: WTH we still need that
Bunji: give me your casket bro...
Bunji: Thanks bro <snatches the cerebus guns too>
Bunji: Fangoram!!!!!
Fangoram: <still in spanish voice> yes? how may i pleasure you?
Bunji: EAT THIS <performs Cerebus OD>
Fangoram: WANKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gungrave cast: wow.........
Fangoram: OW!!!!!
Damon: and i thought i kicked his ass
Bear Walken: I told you id be back in Wisconsin

WINNNAHS: Bunji, Grave, Zell, Garino and the finger painting

LOSAHS: Bear walken, Big Daddy, Sherry, and everyone who participated in the competition

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