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WWFD? #32

Fangoram vs. A Nudist Beach.....

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A Beach



Garino : Ok you bastards, get in here.

Zell : What now, you freaky-freak?

Bunji : Well, that just suckity sucked.

Zell : Screw you.

Sherry : Garino, can you turn on the damn AC, it's hotter than hell in here.

Don : Well...we would, but no...so suffer....

Fangoram : ME GO NUDE!!

Everyone : TURN ON THE AC!!!!

Garino : I just got this great idea!

Sherry : If it involves you and Herb, I'm leaving.

Garino : ..........crap. Well, I have this other idea....

Zell : If it involves you and the Ultra Suck vaccuum, I'm leaving.

Garino : ........damnit! Well...

Bunji and Fangoram : NO!

Garino : Damnit! Curse you Belgium Waffles!!!!

Don : You know what, I have an idea. It's called 'Garino, shut the hell up you unwanted accident!'

Bunji : Man...so harsh...even for you....nice...

Sherry : You know, let's just go to the beach or something.

Zell : You just want to see all the ladies in bikini's, don't you?

Sherry : Don't you?

Bunji : Fair point.

Garino : I think I....

Don : Shut up boy, or you'll recieve the samurai sword up the ass.

Zell : He might like that too much...

Don : From your mother...

Garino : I'll be good!

Bunji : Now that's just plain wrong....eh.....

Zell : Even I'm scared...

Sherry : No your not.

Zell : Damn straight! I'm just bloody plastered! *Falls down drunk. Again*

Bunji : Well, that was nothing out of the ordinary....

Fangoram : SHALL WE DANCE!!!!!!

Bunji : No we shant, you big, freaking mass of retardation!

Fangoram : I LIKE BOOBIES!

Everyone but Garino : WHOOOOOOOO DOESN'T?

Garino : Only man-boobs....kinda like Don's....

Don : They're called pecs....

Garino : Then why are they saggy?

Don : Are you talking about mine or your mother's?

Garino : Good point....

Garino's Mother : WHAT WAS THAT?

Don : Nothing dear....nothing at....RUN AWAY!


Sherry : Who's grabbing Zell? One...two...three.... NOT IT!

Bunji : Not it!

Don : Not it!

Zell : Not it!

Garino : Hey! He's awake!

Zell : No.....you're just imagining it...

Garino : Oh....I'm still not grabbing him! Only when he's awake....and drunk......Good times.....

Zell : My ass hurts.....

Don : You're not my son...

Garino : Of course not, you dumbass....I'm adopted!

Don : Oh yeahhhh.......you still suck...

Don's wife : I'm coming down there!!!

Fangoram : I GRAB CANNYMAN!!! *Picks up Cannyman Zell*

Zell : Just watch me testicles.....

Fangoram : TOO LATE!!!

(Sound of a grown man screaming like a little girl...or Auhnald....)

Bunji : Ouch.......


*At Don's Beach house*

*Everyone has changed into their swimsuits....except for Sherry who headed down to the local Lesbian nude beach*

Zell : Damn it...why couldn't I go down to the lesbian nude beach?!?!?

Bunji : Because you're a dude, and dudes shouldn't go to lesbian nude beaches...

Zell : Why, mate?

Bunji : Whenn a mannnnn loves a womannn. And his schlong get's hard.....

Fangoram : MONKEY SEX!!!!!

Bunji : OK, I have a new rule. Gigantic, blue-green retards are here by prohibited to make any reference to any type of sexual inneundo.

Zell : Aww man.....

Bunji : Not you...you're not blue-green.

Zell : .......Yet....

Bunji : You know what? Quit making words.

Garino : Does that speedo make me look fat?

Don : No, your head does though.

Zell : Wow...that joke sucked worse than Garino on Herb.

Don : Man, that that joke must have really sucked then....

Bunji : You know what...where are all the ladies?

Zell : Yeah, they should all be flocking over to me by now...

Don : Garino, did you take us to a gay beach...again?

Garino : Not this time......

Some woman : Umm excuse me, but I need to ask you something...

Bunji : What, you want my phone number? Well, ok. It's....

Woman : Actually, I was wondering if you would stop eating our food.

Zell : But it's so gooooood. I mean, it's a hamburger...but there's no bloody ham in it!

Woman : Riiiiiiiight.....whatever.....

Bunji : You sure you don't want my number?

Woman : No I don't. You know what, if you shut up, I'll give you a pity make-out session.

Bunji : I'll shut up.....

Zell : Damn mate......lucky.......

Don : Has anyone seem a certain, bluish tinted retard?

Garino : I'm right here.

Don : Not you, for once. Where's Fangoram?

*In the Water*

Spike : Marco!

Fangoram : Polo!

Mika : Polo!

Garino : Fish outta water!

Juji : Dammit!

Grave : ............

Billy : Last time you built a sand castle, you turned it into a sand whore-house.

Zell : Now that's my type of sand castle.

Billy : Quit egging him on.

Grave : ............

Billy : You can't make a sand-coffin either!

Zell : where's Bunji? When will it be my turn with that chick?

Bunji : *In distance* You don't get one!

Chick : What did I just say?

Bunji : Sorry....

Some kid in the water : Hey retard, catch!

Spike : Huh?

Kid : Not you, the tall one.

Garino : Huh?

Kid : No, the green one!

Fangoram : WHAT?

Kid : *Throws heaping handful of seaweed at Fangoram* Ha! Got ya!

Fangoram : Noo!!!!@! I KILL!!!!

Garino : Oh no, not this again...

Fangoram : He call me retard!

Everyone : We all do!

Billy : Grave, I think you know what to do, right?

Grave : .............

Billy....Umm......later.....the other thing.....

Grave : ........?

Billy : Yep! You, you you, you, you, you....have a rose!

Grave *Pulls out coffin, dozens of missles fly about*



Billy : For once, it was us that did that.

Grave : ..............

Billy : You know what? I will gut you like a fish Grave. I will kill you dead....again.

Juji : Hey Spike, I'll give you five dollas if you throw his here tiny little yellow retarded sponge at Garino.

Sponge : I'm ready!

Spike : Better yet, why not stick it in our pants?

Sponge : No!!!!!!!!!!

HB : And so ends the tale of Spongebob Squarepants.

HX : Because he sucked anyways.





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