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Mika Asagi

Yeah, she's a girl, so what are you going to do about it?  Yeah, I thought so...

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Mika Asagi


This is Mika from the original game and from the anime


And this is her from Gungrave OD.

Mika Asagi.  She's the daughter of former Millennion leader Big Daddy and Maria Asagi.  She provided Grave with the Cerberus that he used to destroy the Millennion syndicate with.
She doesn't really fight in either the first or second game.  Apperently she's 17 in the second game.  Nothing more really to say about her, except she looks like Meryl form Trigun.
Mika got injected with SEED during OD by Spike, which saves her life. Grave and the gang beat the crap out of Garino, who in turn provided the group with the counter-SEED, and she's fine after that.
At the end, she drives off with Grave in the Dr.T truckmobile.
Yeah, she really doesn't do too much, other than be that strong female central character who provides radio backup....and bitchsmack Spike......
And her and Grave are off Gungrave 3!....hopefully.....

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She doesn't really do much...except make a darn good soup...and give blood...a lot....