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In a small Room 3 feet from the Geneon Table

BUNJI [SPOOKED]: We got problems, there are Yaoi Fangirls out there!

ZELL: Should I get Shere and let her loose on them?

BUNJI: That wont work, Yaoi fan girls are like those midgets in that
movie The Brood! They will chew her up and spit her out. Were fucked.

LEE: Are you morons ready, lets get this con panel thing over with.

Bunji and Zell stare evilly at one another they know exactly what to

LEE: Why are you staring at me like that?

Cut to:
Massive group of girls all standing by the Geneon table. One of them
looks right and screams:

GIRL: OMG its Hajime-kun from Peacemaker!

Lee stands like a deer in the headlights [he is wearing a Shinsengumi
outfit and his hair is in a ponytail.]

GIRLS: ZOINKS-OMG its Saito-san from Rurouni Kenshin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A hurricane of fan girls moves toward Lee, he is pulling the door knob
with feet anchored to the wall.

Bunji and Zell are inside sneaking out the window.

Cut to:

Zele, Bunji, Shere and Garino are playing cards.

In burst Fangorum with a half naked Lee draped over his shoulder.


SHERE: [spastic] Lee Lihno from Read or Die!! BWAH OMG ZOINKS!!!

Bunji is looking at Garinos cards as he watches Shere try to take Lee
away from Fangorum.

GARINO: What the hell is a Yakimo, and why is Shere acting like that?

ZELE: Fangy boys got a thing for 3x3 Eyes.

BUNJI: Shere is a Yuri fan girl


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HB : Yuri is funtabular....

HX : Gynocrat is my hero. Along with Johnny Damon. *Thumbs up*