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You know...that episode...the one where you see the sexual tension growing between Ash and Misty.

Narrator : When we last left off, we were all mental disturbed at the image of Steve Downes in a bikini, and Grave killed a lot of things. Typical.

Leeasaur : Hey, bodyless voice, shut the crap up.

Andersoneotto : ......Hey everyone, look, we've arrived at Maiden's Peak. I don't exactly know why we're here, but here we are.

Billy : I don't know why we're here either. This place sucks ass.

Mika : Why don't you like this place Billy? Did you die here?

Billy : No...

Lee : Did you tell a bad lie here?

Billy : Not to my recollection.

Grave : .................


Anderson : Then, I shall have to ask you why you don't like here?

Billy : Would you guys stop rhyming, it's freaking me out...even more so than normal.

Anderson : Well, what the hell happened, ghost?

Billy : Well, once upon a time....Hey, who is that fine piece of legs, breasts, and ass?

Lee : Who, that attractive girl by the seashore?

*Attractive girl by the seashore glances at Billy, and waves. Billy, like all men, blushes.*

Mika : Hey look, Billy's blushing!

Anderson : Better check to see if she has a penis!

Billy : .....I will kill you dead. Like, Tupac dead.

Mika : He's dead?

Billy : ....I don't know. No one's ever figured that out. I'd guess....maybe.

Mika : You're a ghost, shouldn't you know?

Billy : Johnny Damonew doesn't even know that.

Johnny : That's right! I sure don't! *Disappears.*

Billy : Did we just see....

Anderson : Yes, we saw it. Move on.

Billy : But....

Lee : Shut up, and let's keep going. I hear there is a party in town.

Grave : ............

Lee : No Grave, you will not show the female Gravemon your "Extra-Large Coffin for stuff. Mainly sexual relations."

Mika : Yeah...I wonder if that was very, very obvious towards that giant coffin on your back.

Grave : .....*Thumbs up*

Mika : Yeah, let's get hammered.

Zelltwo : Amen!

Billy : Maybe...I'll go find that fine piece of ass that winked at me earlier....and hope it ain't a tranny. Awright!

Lee : 5 bucks says yes!

Billy : I hate you guys. I mean, not like regular hate, but like hate-hate.


Steve Downes : Man....why can't we get any screen time?

Black Widow : Because we're the Team Rocket parody in this show....

Master Chiefeowth : Master Chiefowth that's right!

Steve : Shut the hell up! Jesus hates you!

Johnny : That's right! *Disappears*

Steve : The crap? Did we just see...

BW : Yes. Shut up and move on.

Master Chief : ........

BW : Yes, silent, calm, and collected. Just like Master Chief.

Steve : But...hey, look, there is an attractive girl by the seashore!

*Attractive girl at the seashore flashes Steve Downes*

Steve : Holy Nipbags!

MCeowh : ...Damn.

BW : Come on! Those boobs suck! I have better boobs than her!

Steve : But...you never flash us....

MCeowth : Are you trying to get her to slap us?

Steve : No, I'm trying to get her to flash us her boobs.


Steve : Eh, I tried.


Billy : Yeah, this festival is fun...but it sucks.

Mika : No, you suck.

Billy : No, I'm pretty sure you do.

Mika : Well, why don't you go be depressed over that girl somewhere else!

Billy : I can't help it! I was attracted by her beauty!

Lee : Was she born with it? Or was it Maybelline?

Anderson : Or maybe she is a ghostly abomination of God?

*Everyone looks at Andersoneotto.*

Anderson : What? I mean, come on! She flashed the dude from Team XBox 360.

Mika : Wait...we didn't see that...

Anderson : Well....uh....I ditched you guys just to catch her.

Billy : I want to see her boobies too! *Runs away.*

Lee : 5 bucks she has a penis. Any takers? Yosh!


Steve : Soo.....I'm go find that girl. See ya!


Steve : Yeah...but....boobs. Later!


*A midnight scene, near the water*

Steve : I've come back for you! I want see more boobs!

Billy : Ive come for you! I want to see boobs!....and to make sure you don't have a penis.

Mysterious girl : *giggle, giggle, giggle. wave*

Steve : So....where are the boobs? I have paid money for boobs.

Billy : Really? Who?

Steve : That guy over there.

Mysterious Figure : Hi! 5 bucks a piece! 1 boob - 5 dollars. 2 boobs - 10 dollars. 3 boobs - 15 dollars.

Billy : 3 boobs?

MF : You never know? Na no da.

Steve : I'll pay to see 3 boobs!

Billy : More importantly...does she have a penis?

MF : Yes.

Billy : Aww hell, I'm leaving! *Walks away.*

Steve : Really?

MF : No, he just didn't look like he had cash. He's a ghost after all.

Steve : Cool....soooo....boobs?

MF : ....right, right...boobs.

*Mysterious Girl flashes Steve*

Steve : Hell yeah!


*Throws Pink Bunny at Steve....and it's super effective!*


Anderson : Did...he just hit him with a pink bunny? That's....kinda gay. Gravitation gay.

Lee : Yeah, thanks for giving away where the guy is from, dumbass.

Grave : .............

Mika : Now, we'll probably encounter him in the next all new episode of Gravemon!

MF : I can hear you guys....

Mika : Hey look, boobs! *Points...and they run away!*

NARRATOR : Well, Mika and the group escape a weird situation...but, just who was this mysterious girl?

MF : Ok, that's for the help. You can go now.

Girl : Alright, where's my share of the profits?

MF : KUMAGORO BEAM!!!! *Knocks her out and runs away.*

Narrator : Ok, well, join us next time for the next exciting episode of Gravemon!


Back to Gravemon!

Back to the Gravemon!

HB : Well, Gravitation was pretty cool...but it stopped making sense in the last 4 volumes. Ryuichi was always awesome...until EX.

HX : *Too busy getting double teamed in Pokemon Diamond.* Shitsticks!

HB : ......