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From Crat : Aw I didn't see your request for info on the movie thing. Yeah, go to here:
Page down and you will see a file for the game movie I think...

HX : OK, I think I've figures this out......HB sucks....

HB : You'll find out that I'm not the one who sucks, Mr. HX.com.

HX : Anyways, when it says movies, it's actually the trailers, not a Gungrave movie. Just trailers for OD.

From : ACT - YO guys i was searching for a gungrave fansite and found this. awesome series, have yet to play the games.

HB : Well then, play the games. You'll spend a combined 35-40 dollars US on both games. Possibly less.

HX : If not, just rent them. It's not like you're playing Halo on legendary, it's not gonna take 5 days and three packs Oreos to beat it.

HB : Yeah. Moving on.

From : Brandon Heat - Brandon Heat again-
More pics on the way, sorry props aren't for sale as yet but any comments are welcome though. Coffin (Death Hauler) weighs 65+lbs so keep that in mind when you see the pics. Nice WWFD vs Otakon, this year however it was Beyond the Grave 1 Otakon 0. Maybe you guys will make it next year.
Ja mata Umai na Imo-Yaros

HX : Man, that coffin rules. Good prize.

HB : Yeah, we will definatly try to make it next year. I've already decided on Anderson cosplay, but I'm trying to talk HX out of going as Sailor Moon. And failing.

HX : And.............I hate you. Actually, Bunji is more my style. From personality, to appearence, Bunji will kick the crap outta Anderson.

HB : I hate to start one of these fanboy kiddy fights, but need I remind you that Anderson has the boatloads of Bayonets...

HX : And Bunji has the near unlimited ammo, the aim like none other, and can easily dodge anything that Anderson throws. And he has Grave.....

HB : Anderson also has unlimited ammo, aim like no other, a crazed state, is a regenator, and he has Alucard. And Seras. And Walter. And Pip.

HX : Dude, Pip died. Besides, Bunji is a Superior that can reheal, is too in a crazed state, and also has Lee, Bear, Zell, Garino, Fangoram, Shery, and....Johnny Damon! Pwn'd!

HB : Garino? He doesn't count! Well, technically, Anderson has God on his side too......own'd!

HX : Ok, how aboot this, they're damn evenly matched, ne?

HB : Si.

From Brandon-
More funny, less homo-gay in future. Fangoram retard=comedy gold. Grave Yaoi= doo doo

HX : You know, it was HB that had made most of the characters gay.

HB : Ok, but I will counter act with this point : HX.com.

HX : You know, you keeping mentioning it so much, maybe because you visit it all the time?

HB : Well, only twice when you mentioned that there was some new stuff up at your new website, called HX.com. So I looked, and I was shocked!

HX : *Smacks HB* I HATE YOU!

HB : *Smacks HX* Oh ho ho ho ho ho. My villany knows no bounds.

From Rob : hey guys sorry I never sent you an email I never noticed the number at the top of the message page oh its rob again and my email is gayer than nukka and never works I'll get my friend to send you an email about the fourm alright sorry to be so late with this and I'm
hes out of town till the seventh so sometime during that week expect an email.

HB : That's ok. You sent us a message, which we can use for our own personal gain or something. Anyway, that's fine, we read all e-mails and we will think about your friend's forum if he sends it.

HX : And now, a goat!


Goatface Killa!

From - Maybe Man: My friend told me that theres going to be a Gungrave3 but this is just a rumor. I don't know if its true or not but it was one hell of a rumor. In Gungrave 3 you can play as Grave,Billy,Juji,and believe or not Mika as well too! Mika is 20 or 25 years old and she is no longer the girl we know and love. She is very strong now because of the SEED. Her weapons are the Center Head and a pair of two powerful guns that were made by Spike. The Final Boss in this Game are the Aliens from the Star Ship. This game is said to be longer than the last game. Thats all I can say for now.

Us : Well, there are major problems with your "friend's theory"

HX : First, how did Spike make the weapons if he died? And how is Mika fightable with SEED if she was given the Counter-SEED and was completely cured?

HB : And what did they do? Steal the Center Head from Fangoram? And those aliens were destroyed at the end of Overdose, remember? And the Alien Head from Gungrave? Destroyed too.

Us : So we find this highly unlikely...

HB : Smack your friend for giving you a bad theory.

HX : I doubt that Nightow would do this.....if it were Kohta Hirano on the other hand.......

From - Gynocrat the great : Ok here is something weird. Over at Wikipedia you guys are called 'Gungrave Fansite'. That's our name. I thought you were all Cerebrus Overdose? Someone needs to fix that- thanks.

HX : Yeah, we know who did that, and we're working on it. It's actually kinda cool that we're on it though.

HB : Yeah, go us.

From - Maybe Man: Its me again with the Gungrave 3 theory. The two powerful guns that Mika was given were made by Spike. Spike made these two powerful guns before he died. The antidote that Mika was given was an prototype! Do you know what prototype means! It means it meant work or it meant not. The antidote cured Mika half way. There was still some SEED inside of her. The antidote stopped the SEED from turning Mika into a monster but it didn't stopped the SEED from giving Mika the powers of SEED. Mike is half SEED and half Human. My guess is that Mika and the Gang grabbed the Center Head when they left the factory.

HX : Hey HB, did I not say last week as we were looking at the previous e-mail that he would say exactly that?

HB : Yes, every last bit of it, too. And you called me when we got this response saying " I told you so! I told you so!"

HX : I did tell you so!

HB : And then I replied, "Yes, you're right. Jigga Ligga Ding Dong. Then I brought up the hx.com...."

HX : Stop making words! Now lets go through this e-mail and debunk it...again...

Us : We'll start with the Counter-SEED. Why would Garino have a half-assed prototype Counter-SEED? It would be benefical to him to have the full counter to SEED in case something goes horribly, horribly wrong. Why he gave it to Grave and co.? Because they won, he gave them the only cure for the SEED. So, when we see Mika at the end, she is fully cured of the SEED......and how do we know?

HX : Well, we get the info from a reliable source.....Gynocrat....

HB : YOU get the info from Gynocrat. I get the info from GameFAQs, Gamespot, and other Nightow sites.

HX : Oh yes, Gamespot. Where most of the content on it's forum consist of "OMGWTFBBQ?!?!1? U r s0 n00b! !t more like gaystation! Lookerz, it a gurl. Hay Gurl, lets' cyber!1!"

HB : Just System Wars man....just System Wars. I do the KH stuff on the board....and you damn well know it!

HX : Anyways, as for the Mika guns, how would Spike know to build them, and how would he build them in such a short time?

HB : We know what he did during OD, and the most he did before OD was work on that SEED Seeker you see. He couldn't have done anything after OD because, well, he was kinda dead. Kinda hard to do it if you were not brought back to life like Grave, Bunji, Juji, Bear, Sherry, Big Daddy, Lee, Bob Poundmax, Don, Pat Robertson...

HX : Wait, the Don didn't die and come back!

HB : Eh, the power is yours! Biatch.

HX : *Kicks Garino in teh crotch*

HB : And Center Head? Maybe....if anything survived, it was probably Center Head....but why would they take it? They had no use for it, and they were running for their lives/unlives to get out of there. They were not just going to drag out a huge freaking weapon just because!

Garino : Hate....you.......

From someone : I think Gungrave O.D is ok because the characters speak english now and Brandon (Grave) finally talks now but the graphics are not great and whats up with Graves clothes now and what happened with his white hair I MEAN WHAT THE HELL THE FIRST GAME WAS BETTER THAN THIS
!!!!!! Well at least they show the anime preview of Gungrave on the options menu.

HX : I dunno, if you added the gameplay of OD with the animation of the original, it would have been wicked great.

HB : More characters!

HX : More Sherry!

HB : And more killing! It's like GTA, only without Hot Coffee or the stupidity!

From shin_akuma : HEEEEEYYY some gungrave OD fans .....
do you know where I could get models of the cerebrus guns ?
you know models like well I hope you know what I mean

HX : We do, and it's a conspiracy against you, because you have no sense of proper grammar and spalling. Along with Capitalization.

HB : ....."spelling", HX. Not "spalling"....this isn't Beverly Hills 90210 here with Tori Spalling or whatever her name is, since that show sucked.

HX : Then why do you have it's special collectors DVD? Along with all the seasons of Dawson's Creek on tape?

HB : Dude, Dawson's Creek was great! I can't really explain the 90210 deal, but Dawson's Creek was totally reeking of awesomeness.

HX : An what about your collection of Queer As Folk shows?

HB : Hey!......The chicks were hot.

HX : And for you, so were the guys.

HB : Need I remind you of HX.com?

HX : You mention it so much, is it because you get they're weekly newsletter?

HB : Only to support you, buddy.

HX : Yeah, well shut up. As for you, the sender, if you just go on Google, you can probably buy the Cerberus guns. Or try to find that Brandon Heat guy and ask him. His pics are in the fan-section thingy.

HB : Anywhoo, moving on....

From - Apparently, a Gackt fan : I like the black haired grave, it makes sense and he looks gloomier, it makes sense because he's like dead so his body shouldn't age, and true part one graphics would be nice but then it might be
stiff like part one only good news is that he faces still look crappy in both. Bujingai Kicks ass GO GACKT! KICK DEMON ASS!

HB : A fellow Gackt/Bujingai fan! Good for you!

HX : I prefer the pillows myself. But that's besides the point. We're apperently...talking about...Graves hair......?

HB : Well, it was bound to come up sometime....

From you : yay,emmys, now all thats left is P. Diddys MTV music video awards...

HX : Don't worry, we'll show them whats for!

HB : Yeah, we'll show Puffy...err....Puff Daddy....err.....P.Diddy.....err....P....er....Diddy....

HX : We get the damn point! P. Diddy sucks, we realize that!

From Gynocrat : I miss you two. (>_<) The Gungrave Anthology is doing well, it ships to Japan next week so we are excited about that. I am knee deep in Shoujo. BLECH! I feel like I want to die but I can't complain- it's work. T-Pop is evil and so are their editors. Kheelan got a
bunch of cool shit anime Iowa, but now we are working on the Trigun book so no time to play around online.

When is your centerfold at HX.com coming up - I think you two will look great with the pics they took!

US : WE MISS YOU TOO GYNOCRAT!!! (And Kheelan too...)...

HB : Well, I'd hate Tokyopop too....but they release Saiyuki....and Devil May Cry 3 : The Manga......and Gravitation.....and Kingdom Hearts : The manga....I can go on and on.....

HX : And I'd rather you not, for the sake of time and sanity.

HB : And the Gungrave anthology....where would we find that? Can we get that online?

HX : Umm.....I think she told me that they are only being sold at conventions, but I may be wrong. As for Kheelan and her new stuff, it must be really sweet to be able to get to go to conventions, unlike us.

Us : As for HX.com........We'd rather not discuss that.

HX : HB's was just a little camera shy...freaking wuss.

HB : And HX just had all the half-naked guys all over him....freaking gay pimp.

HX : That is untrue!....they had pants on.....

(Disclaimer'd : We may or may not have done centerfolds for HX.com.....we're leaning towards the not. We don't swing that way....)

From - HRWiki fan : Hey man -- is that soce the elemental wizard in your hrwiki sig? He's a rock rock rockin'.

HB : ..........I believe this one is all yours, HX.

HX : That is is HB, that it is. Yes, that is Soce in my sig. He is the best Gay/White/Jewish rapper ever....take that Eminem! And if you want to know a little bit more aboot me, visit my web site at...

HB : HX.com! The site for HomoXtra's own HellXell!

HX : I hate you! Jackass.......anyways, it's at http://hellxell.tripod.com. Yes, another crappy Tripod site, from me to you.

HB : Yes folks, I have nothing to do with this one. It's all HX here.

HX : Damn straight! It even has a blog, unlike yours HB!

HB : I don't even have a blog! Or a site, other than this one!

HX : That's because you're not cool enough. It's mostly up so I have someplace to host all my writings and stories. Moving on, dammit...

From Arsenal Lynx : I was reading that guy's theories for GunGrave 3, and I came up with this: Maybe you'll be able to play as Mika but, instead of somekind of special weapons, she can pick-up enemy's weapons. They should add a Manual aim mode, too. The Center Head is going to be in the
game somehow. Maybe Old characters Playable? Imagine playing as Sherry or Fangorum. Last but not least, Multi-player. Wouldn't it be cool to fight Grave with Bunji or Juji. Fangorum Versus Ballard Bird Lee.
Well, that's my input. Pfft, maybe Nightow will listen and implement some of this in GunGrave 3.

Comments, Suggestions, Constructive Criticism?

HX : Now that actually makes some sense. But I'm not completely sure if there are any plans for a Gungrave 3.

HB : Although we hope it does happen, and those are some good ideas, that could, in theory, happen. But the chances of Nightow actually coming here, translating this site into Japanese, and taking some of the ideas are slim to none. It could be hella cool though.

From Blitz : if they make a gungrave 3 they should do it kinda like metal gear 3 where you play as Brandon heat and you start off all weak then half way through (when harry kills grave) you wake up as grave and your in a world where Mika is much older (40's) and Juji is dead... for good and Billy is still wandering. A vicious dictator has risen up and he has restarted the necrolization project but with improvements where grave is beyond outdated and SEED is a worry of the past.
the best part is that they are all as strong as Bunji (based on a DNA sample left behind, it shouldn't be that hard to get a blood sample or something.) they are nothing like him though, but grave isn't as old as they think him to be as Mika has been learning through the years and has become a talented engineer, Graves weapons are all modified, the casket fires different types of rounds (including acidic), the Cerberus guns are even revamped to suit the occasion, (they have more recoil to them guess why)

HX : Now that too is something that would be sweet if it happened. I would definately pwn HB in that.

HB : It would be interesting if we had a GG3, period. And by the way HX, how many times have you beaten me in Tekken? Street Fighter? Soul Calibur 2?

HX : In Tekken, you beat my ass. In Street Fighter, i've never faced you. In Soul Calibur 2, I actually can give you a run for your money. Especailly when I'm Cervantes, or Talim.

HB : Well, I kick your ass with Raphael, Talim, and/or Maxi.

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