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Three pages? Damn, we are popular!

Or so we keep deluding ourselves with....

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From - Lycan:
You guys are awesome! Definitely loving what you have here! Love you both HX and HB! You are both Gods. And thank you for getting me through those horrible days of child sitting with WWFD. You have saved me from further sanity. Keep up the good work and God Bless you all.

Us : Wow, this has to be like, one of the greatest messages...ever! You're welcome that we've saved you from babysitting with antics of Fangoram, and to a lesser extent, your sanity, while we ourselves are unsane.

HB : M-w.com doesn't even have that word, HX.....well, for free anyway.....

HX : We need no dictionary....we're too cool for that.....ok....I'm too cool for it.

HB : Stop playing Calvinball.....wait, the next rule of Calvinball is HX is no longer able to talk.

HX : Aww...wait...I'm typing this...Ha!

HB : You still lose.

HX : And you still suck.

HB : At least I'm not a loser at the greatest game ever....

HX : Cricket?

HB :......yes, Cricket. Moving on....

From ...err...you : Hello?

HX : ...Yo......?

HB : Hidey Ho, Winslows!

HX : Thanks you Urkel...

From some person : ey!!What's up! I can't wait to see this site be...Well,great!!It's on It's way and there REALLY needs to be a good GunGrave site.I have one but It's all pictures and stuff.Oh,and yeah there really needs to be a forum or message board.Good luck and keep up the good

Us : Why thank you, thank you. Feel free to send us your link...and we'll put it up, being the God-like figures that we are....Now, next message....

From - Arsenal Lynx : Hey,when you guys go on a new server you should put up GunGrave MP3S.If you don't have I can E-Mail you them.

Us : No problem at all. Well, be sure to get in contact with you once everything is running.

From : Gynocrat the Great - Nice message from whats-his-name. (>_>) There is a reason why our Bunji and Lee look so Jewish...duh! (^__^) Did you guys catch the final eps on [G]omer4? Sad ass pan and scan. Would it have been so bad to put it in widescreen? If AS can, so can [G]omer4.

Us : We haven't seen the episodes on TV, rather than we bought the Final DVD...

HX : Correction, I bought the DVD, like I've bought all the DVD's. You bought that Shonen Jump magazine.

HB : That's because those bastards at Viz are messing with my f*cking subscription!!!! I renewed threw next year, and I haven't recieved a f*ucking issue since.

HX : F*ucking?

HB : Yes. F*ucking. Now, f*uck off. Back to Gynocrat...

HX : Anyways, Thank you again Gynocrat...and to let you know....I'm loving you and what you do each and everytime you send something in and on you EM site.

HB : I wish I can say he was joking......but he's not. He's that f*ucking desperate.

HX : I know.........back to the messages.

From A Porn Site : Hot lesbian orgy action awaits you...

HB : Whoops, that one's mine....

HX : They're all yours, you freaking perv! God, you're worse than Sherry...but still not as bad as Zell....

HB : Well.....uhh.......f*uck off.

HX : You know, there are many times when I wish not to know what goes through your sick, demented mind.

HB : Sometimes, I don't want to know either, but I'll take that as a complement nonetheless.

HX : Riiiiiight......you creep me out worse than Michael Jackson....just without the white glove and man-boy loving stuff.

From Gynocrat : You dudes are so nice to us. Thanks. Updated today actually, reviewed the 'The Protector', wrote a fic about Juji tattooing someone [non-yaoi], and added more info about the big Gungrave anthology we are doing with other artists. Hope to see you guys at an upcoming con! (^_^)

HX : We just read that fic, man, was that great. I mean, you can draw and can write. What can't you do?

HB : .......D-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e.

HX : ...A-s-s-h-o-l-e.....

HB : I've never denied that claim. Anyway, thanks for being nice to us as well. If we can make it to a con....well...we'll try. But we're just two poor college students trying to build a website or two....

HX : So yeah....hopefully in the near future we will be able to attend a few cons and meet all you wonderful people.

HB : And the weird people as well....

From some guy : Here's a link to my GunGrave Photo Album.It's quite large and when you make the move you can use anything in it.There all pics I've found on the 'net. http://photobucket.com/albums/v666/fooban/GunGrave/ I can't wait to see this site complete.By the way you should ut up a forum.I heard there was one but I can't find it.Keep up the good work!

HX : Wow, where did you get all those pics? From Google, like us?

HB : Well......I'll give him the beneift of the doubt and say.....probably.

From - Gynocrat again (HX : Yay!) : I am trying to get my screen caps of the final fight between Bunji and Grave up from Last Bullet, because the entire fight rocks. I can't because photobucket is being retarded. ((>_<)) Just sharing my aggression, sorry guys.

HX : Don't worry, Tripod equally sucks. And the fight scene did in fact, rock.

HB : Yes....it was great.....

HX : But worry not, for we shall soon have our true, non-Tripod site up!

From Someone who doesn't speak English, Engrish, or Canadianish : im leifk stook opn gunbgracve!!11!Hoew du u bneat HArrey at tghe ends odf gungrfave 1??!!?!1?1/!?/!Itsf dr1v1gn mie carxy!!11?!!

HX : Your punctuation and spelling are driving me crazy as well!

HB : Well, if you don't know how to press a button....well.....how you've survived this long is a testament to your idiocy. Good for you.

HX : I mean, you press a total of three buttons. How freaking hard is that? You wanna know how to beat him? Keep shooting the living crap outta him.

From Julie : holl my is julie i leave you bunji forum to julle my dog is name shadow bunji.

HX : You named your dog after Bunji? That's cool. You can't type that good? That's not so cool.

HB : I only have one thing to say : Spell Check. Use it. Oh, and if you don't have a spell checker, use www.m-w.com. or Google, like HX here.

From ? :

Us :

From Brandon Heat : Got some rough Pics that you might like to see, KICK A$$ cosplay under construction for Grave and Juji ; can you guys receive pics too? Look for it at Otakon 2005

HB : Yes, we can recieve pics, and we'll be glad to put them up too.

HX : Just send them to our e-mail adress's. Mine is beastmaster_xellos@yahoo.com , HB's is theimmortalkevinmask15@yahoo.com

HB : As for Otakon......again, we'll try to go with a friend, but don't kill anyone if we don't make it.

From Julian : hi, i really like your gungrave website and was wondering if you had any pictures of the cerberus gun
the "center head" because i've been searching for
about two days and not able to even find a full
picture of Fangoram.. help a fan out? i mean even if
you could get a screenshot of the part in the game
where juji's explainging about them and you get an
actual picture of the cerberus guns.

HB : We can try.

HX : We can try. But if anyone wants to help out, feel free to, because, well, we can use the help.

From Game Informer fan : Hey guys!!Great news,for PSP owners anyway. Geneon is releasing AppleSeed,Samutai Champloo, Hellsing,and......Bum...Bum...BUUMMM!!!!!GUNGRAVE!!Sweet!!I can now watch GunGrave almost
anywhere!!Anyway,I got this information from my latest GameInformer.

HX : Whoa, that's a lot of flipping sweet animes!

HB : Ok, Napolean....well, neither of us OWN a PSP.....cause we're too damn cheap, it is nice to know. By the way....I didn't know that there are Game Informer fans.....

HX : The world is full of mysteries, my friend. Many mysteries indeed...

From Brandon Heat : I'll see what I can find for Fangorum's Center Head, I've got a Japan only Artbook for GGOD that I bought in Kannazawa, I'll send that along with the under construction pics

HX : You bought a Kwanza Gungrave OD Book? I want one!

HB : I don't think it is a "African-American Holiday" as much as a "Place in Japan", HX.

HX : I stand by my stupidity.

HB : Good for you. Now, moving on from pseudo-Christmas holidays....

HX : Anyways, I think I've seen that book for sale online. We realy need to get that HB, along with various other stuff Gungrave-related.

HB : I know.....But do we really need the pin set? I mean....it's a PIN set.....

HX : You never know when it could come in handy....

From Arsenal Lynx : What's up?It's me,Arsenal Lynx.Someone has been sending you messages under my name.The only one I sent you was about the MP3's.My roommate has been sending you the others about that gallery thing.I know,I checked his sent messages folder.He does have some nice pics but
all but three were stolen from other sites,though.The 3 weapons pics(I had to save them with AnimGet;He isn't very good with a computer).Can't wait to see the forums,Bye.

HX : Don't worry about the stolen pics, we do that too. Thank God for Google.

HB : You know HX, if anyone types in "Fangoram" on Google Image Search, most of that stuff is from our site....which we took from Google....or we Photoshopped ourselves.....but that's besides the point. The forums were supposed to go up this Wednesday, but I was busy and we didn't do it......

HX : Yesh, so blame HB for this one for once.

HB : I blame the elderly myself.....even if they were not responsible for it.....

HX : I blame Rap.

From fan # whatever : I love the new WWFD!!It's incredibly funny.The new format is kinda weird,though.Still,your site.

HX : We know it was weird, we're still looking for Zell.

HB : We should tell the fan and Zell it was a one time deal.....

Zell : It was a one-time thing? ARRRGGGGBLLBLBLBLBLL!!!

From you : U wouldnt happen to know where to buy the 2 guns that grave uses? i found one but its a in jap.

US : We'd tell you, but we don't want the Federal Gov't on our asses.

HX : You're best bet is Google.

HB : That's all we can tell you....because we're too pretty to go to jail.....and that's all we know anyway.

HX : That, and we all know that HB would be someone's bitch in jail.

HB : I wouldn't be the bitch. Have you been to HX.com recently?

HX : .........Crap......backfired......

From : Vicious00009 - Your site kicks ass i'm glad there is finally a Gungrave fan site in English. I own and beaten both games and have seen the entire anime. The what would fangarom do is hilarious. Keep up good work guys.

HB : Thank you thank you. We're glad that you like the site.

HX : We take pride in all the postive compliments we get. As for the negative ones...just see Nuka.......



HX : Wow, way to much caps, way too much *head a'splodes*

HB : Great! Now I have to clean this crap up! Good job, Jack! *mumbles, as he goes on to the next message.....*

Frpm Brandon Heat : Greetings-
Brandon Heat again, you guys get those pics I sent? Site is looking good as well. If there are a few more pic requests for OD I'll see what I can find in my artbook.

HX : Ja?

HB : Ya. It's German. Just like in Hellsing.

HX : Everything I learned in life is either from Hellsing, Gungrave, Trigun, or The Slayers. Good times.

HB : I'm just going to ignore that obvious statement and move on.

From : zs1992 - when will the site be up and running and the message borad be up looking forward to see it on here and to see the web site

HB : It will be on soon. HX, the floor is yours....

HX : Borad? You mean one of those "By Girls, For Girls" Borad? Because those are hot. And HB goes there everyonce in a while.

HB : Oh fuck you man.

HX : That's for the HX.com stuff, bitch.

HB : So it's for you then?

From : From Fan : Gungrave kicks ass! nuff' said.

Us : We know.

HX : Why do you think we made this site?

From Brandon Heat : Ja, actually is both German (yes, also Jahwol) and a casual manner of saying "later" in Japanese. Nihon-go hanasu ne? Got some more pics on the way too, in the 80-90% complete phase. Anyone an OD fan gonna be at Otakon? I'd like to get a lil group together if there are any Rocketbilly's or Mikas in the house. 8 days to go damn my time consuming cos-play habit
Ja-mata suge baka yaro; do ita

Us : Of course we know that Ja means 'yes' in German, we only read Hellsing. How many times must we point that out?
And yes, HB speaks some Japanese, so he did recoginize some of what you said, and needed his textbook for the other books. Ja!

HX : All I know is that 'baka' means stupid or idiot, like Nuka.

HB : HB no hentai desu.

HX : Sore wa himitsu desu!

HB : Well, we probably won't go to Otakon, even though we were originally planning to....and by "planning to", we mean, "no chance in hell, since we're poor college students and don't have that kind of expendable funding."

From someone : On the official GunGrave site there's a tab that says "Movie". What the hell does that mean? I can't read Japanese so I don't know, maybe you guys can help. I just want to know if It means there's going to be a GunGrave movie.

HX : Well, we did a little research on it. we clicked on the movie tab, and it re-directed us to a page from the Red Entertainment site. What this means, we don't know. What we know is that is has nothing to do with a Gungrave movie.....so, sorry.

From Gynocrat : Read the latest WWFD. Did some body's mom yell at you about your games? Sorry to hear that. Mika punting is very theraputic. We should all do it. ^_^

Sorry I've been away so long, I've been busy, I really need to update my site.

HX : We know that Mika punting is theraputic, it's what we do to release our anger....and to just have fun......We should make that, the 'Punt Mika Game'. Now on sale for the low price of 3 easy payments of your soul.

HB : .................moving on from the humor intertwined with the brown-nosing........

From The Blitzman : I have done a lot of learning with the
new WWFD, very funny. And Brandon Heat if you're reading this can you tell me how much you'd be willing to sell your cosplay items for They're so friggin cool I would make it myself but I have no artistic talent v_v sad but true

Us : You want to buy his stuff? Well, how about this, we'll buy the stuff off of him, then we'll sell it to you for an over-inflated price. Ha ha ha. Giggity Giggity Giggity.

From - J Drakul : I dont know if this site is still active but i loves it and if you guys want a forum i can get you a freeone and fast.. i love your fangoram related material guys funny and realistic...well if this sites up still..get back to me or sumthin

HB : Well.....we do have weekly updates on everything, and we do advertise for the site on a few forums....but no, you are correct in assuming that this site is officially a ghost site. Which we update. Weekly.

HX : Wait, so does that mean that I'm a wandering spirit that haunts random places and I'm eventually caught by a bunch of teenagers and a talking dog?

HB :.....yes. Scooby Dooby Doo.

HX : Zoinks.

HB : Anyway, thank you for the comments, and we'll think about the message board and get back to you.

HX : ...............I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddeling kids, and your dog. Bitches......


HX : *In Skeletor voice* I HATE YOU SOOOO MUCH! I'LL GET YOU HE-MAN!!!

HB : Thunder....Thunder....THUNDER....THUNDERCATS! HO!

HX : OK, we need to stop watching that Boomerang channel......

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HX : Err....you you think of some random Homestar reference we can throw in here HB?

HB : You've got an ugly butt, ugh, and a stupid butt....

HX : That's the last time I let you listen to that CD.