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Message page!!!1!

Finally, you can actually say crap to us!

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To Page Two!

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Well, here it is...a place for your messages. You send them from the front page, and we'll put them up here, with a little comment after it. if we feel like it.

And sign your name with the message, so we know who it's coming from.

And now, the messages...


From someone : this site is badass so far.
Us : We know, we know...

From another person with no name : There are fan sites in English - you just may not like
them. ^_^
Us : There is? Send the damn link. We wanna see them. We're serious.

From ? : STARS!!!!!!!
Us : STRIPES!!!1! Yeah, we're stars, we know it. We rule... ok, maybe not...

From a person : tell Xell if he has a cold use vicks vapor rub if he has a flu drink fluids if he has a hangover then dont friggin drink too much
HellXell : Thanks for the tips. I had a nasty case of the flu. It sucked royally. But I'm better now, thanks.
From....probably some guy named nukka : this site is gay as fuck

peace out nigga

you know nukka

HellXell : HB, are you African American?
HallowBastion : Nope. I haven't had any negroplasties recently. Are you Africian American Xell?
HellXell : I'm Canadianish. Make your own assumptions.

Us : Well, now that we've settled that, let us just say one more thing. Proper English can be your friend. And nothing can be "gay as fuck", since this you can't have sex with this site. Let alone, gay sex with this site. So, come up with a logical insult next time, buddy. You don't like the site? Fine. Don't come. We make this site for the people who do like Gungrave, and whatever this fansite provides. Next.

From - Beth : You guys are the coolest I love your gungrave site and I'm so excited for more updates. I will add every fanart I can to hopefully make it a better place. now get out their and KICK THEIR A**!

Us : Thank you dear....we love compliments dearly. Strokes our egos, and the likewise. We look forward to your fanart!

From - Probably Nukka again : This site sucks my balls and penis.

Us : Wonderful. Nice to know you technically have them. Now stop jamming them into the computer screen....that just isn't healthy.

From - Defintely nukka. Because he said it himself. : yo, i wont lie this site is JAPanime shit, that only a scrapy homless dawg would chow down on.

from big nukka man.

Us : More wise words from Big Nukka tha Horse fukka. Thank you, you've proven yourself to be not only an idiot, a dipshit who can't spell even if his soul was on the line, but a racist too. Good for you.

From - Mr. C. Zysk, the great evil : HX you cheap fuck, spam on somebody else.
HX : Umm....no.
HB : Now that's just good, old clean wholesome fun.

Us : Thank you....we do put effort into that crazy stuff you see......it's nice to know that people like it.

From - ? : Hi

Us : Hello.

From - ZS : WOO HOO! You guys hit 2000 visitors! W00T!
               : How about Fangoram vs. Tripod?

Us : Thank you! It's nice to know we're being noticed on the web! 
     : I don't think Fangoram vs. Tripod would be good......until we get

       our own domain, that is. So until you see "Cerberus Overdose.com"

       please, be patient.

From - Unknown....: You guys need to put up a message board, so we can talk about how great the site is! Keep up the good work!

Us : We're working on the message board thing! Expect to see it up soon!

From - Someone who may or may not be human : grave rocks

Us : Yes. He does.

From - the same guy : grave rocks

Us : Yes, he probably r0x0rs ur b0x0rs.

From - Somebody.....: This page is lookin good, can't wait till its fully done.

Us : Yeah, we think it looks good too....and we can't wait for this site to get finished either....come on Mexcan Immigrents...get going, or no green card!

From Damion : I think its kewl your making a gungrave fansite
hope things easier for you than it did my site

Us : You had a site? Why didn't we know? I mean, come on. We just want to know if we're not alone in this. And that wasn't a cheap X-Files joke. Because X-Files jokes suck.

P.S. : Thanks for the compliment.

From Azure9 : Yo, it's Azure9 from TvTome.
I've been thinking recently that a forum would be great with this site,
as there needs to be a better place than my guide's forum for fans to
Plus, since G4 is shafting the community by not consistently airing new
episodes, the community isn't growing that much.
Thus, if there's at least one specific place everyone can go, there's
at least a better likelihood people will bother to care.
But hey, that's me, and I'm outtie.
Lovingly Fangoram's, Azure9.

HX : Azure's an outie? I'm an innie, How about you HB?
HB : All I know is that I have a moose co......
HX : OK! Moving on......
Us : Yeah, thanks for that message. We're getting started on the Forum. When we're not watching Homestar Runner and 8-Bit Theater.

From some guy? : that would be cool

Us : What?...ok....?

HX : Maybe he's talking about me.

HB : No he's not.

HX : I know...

From ZS: 8-Bit Theater R0x0rS Y0uR B0x0rS

HX : You bet your ass.

HB : You got that damn straight.

From ? : Fangoram: MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

grave: ..............

bunji: He said ******big god damn retard, just add 13 more sailor curse

words dolphin chirps and kool aid and thats what grave said

Us : Riiiiiiight.

HB : Message board supporter?

HX : Yeah...what the hell. Why not.

From Y'all : Hey ya'll, Nice pagey ya'll got here. I'm from TN ya'll. So I say ya'll alot ya'll.Anyways, I made this AMV wigh Gungrave and put it up on my page, AND I

just happened to use your cool sunglasses picture for my Bunji video since I couldn't find good GG pics anywhere. So like thanks ya'll. come by and watch it if you have time. http://www.shinobicct.com ya'll come back now ya hear? YA'LL!!!!

Us : That's a great site. Click the link above, y'all.

From disgrunteled Gamespot member #5501 : Since you don't allow freedom of speech on gamespot, I wondered whether I could post it here. From this day on, your new name

will be Mr Hostile. Like, you smell of poo or something.

HB : Trying not ..... to laugh....failing horribly.....must resist.....BWA HA HA HA HA HA.....

HX : Now that's just messed up.

Us : Sorry, but this is just too funny. We mean, he's using insults a 5 year-old would deem immature.....so yeah, try not to laugh too hard, ya'll....

From a person : when does the evil of tripod release its grip from you guys?

Us : Whenever we get off our lazy asses and get our own domain name. Which should be soon. If we get off our lazy asses. Which should...in theory....be soon. Hopefully. Maybe. In your lifetime.
From Merci again : A forum/message board might be interesting.  How about
a tag board?  Still love checking back here, guys.  Thanks for the many
Us : Thanks for the suggestions. But....Tag Board + Us = A grand mess.....which is responsible for the next Cuban revolution.
HX : Damn that Castro!
HB : Damn that Castrol!

From Samantha : These novices get downright NAUGHTY AND NASTY! [April 28, 2005]

Us : What the crap...?
HX : HB, they better not be talking about us...and stop looking up that porn all ready!
HB : It wasn't me this time!
HX : This time?!?
HB : Ehh.....err.......hey! Look! A cuban missile crisis!
HX : That's it, you're no longer able to watch 13 Days starring Kevin Costner!
HB : Actually, it was Last Action Hero with Bob Saget and Gimpy the one armed monkey. Good stuff.
Hx : That's just mean. You might offend the one armed monkeys. Bob Saget, well he does suck though.
HB : Bob Saget is the Last action hero! Shouldn't we be moving on though....
HX : Yesh we should.....

From someone that actually surfs the web : There is a site actually in English -


Us : Holy freaking crap! We're not alone!

HX : Well...until we buy them out and or kill them.

HB : We'll just have to outperform them....and given our ability of performing.....we may be fucked. Eh, we'll keep fighting the good Gungrave-related fight, and...well....hopefully not suck. And if all else fails, we'll just bash Big Nukka tha Horse Fukka some more to make us feel good about ourselves.

From some other guy...maybe : fangoram vs DBZ i just thought about it cuz they both

speak broken engrish or better yet since fangorams voice suks how about

he kills them fangoram vs voice actors

Us : Yeah...we'll keep that one in mind...maybe....Then we'll go after Yu-Gi-Oh...freaking bastards...

From Unholy_nny : A forum would be cool.....

Us : Damn straight....now we just need to actually make it. We're too freaking lazy.

From - The webmasters of Elegant Madness whom we shall call....Gynocrat and Kheelan : Have a banner?  We can exchange links if you like?

Us : We do have a banner or 3! Unfortunatly, we mispelled "Stewart", so we'll just have to fix that. However, the other two are in the "Links" page of our site. And we'll be happy to advertise your banner here as well.
Oh, and HB finds the picture featuring the gun with the condom absolutly hilarious.

From Alucard fanboy'd : You know who: alucard should be graves stunt double

Us : Umm...we'll think about it...? Actualy, Lee looks more like Alucard, but still...

From the same person : You know who: alucard should be graves stunt double

Us : Umm...ok?
HB : Didn't we already answer this?
HX : He really must want Alucard to be in it.

From..well take a guess : You know who: alucard should be graves stunt double

Us : Ok, we get the hint!

From a concerned viewer : In addition to a new forum, could you guys brighten up
the site and maybe change the layout. It looks kinda boring at the
moment to be completely honest.

Us : Trust us, we want to change, but Tripod doesn't give us that many choices. The other layot features clowns, and that was way too freaky. It made Zell cry. Poor guy...

From Rob : Hey this site is awesome I just found it in computer
class one day and I'm glad there's a gungrave fan site finally and you
guys are some of the hillarious people I've ever heard

US : Wow...we've been heard...wait that isn't right.....
HX : Are we being stalked again?
HB : No, we have that restraining order on Michael Jackson and the creepy Burger King guy....
HX : Now why can't we be stalked by like, hot girls our age that like anime?...or atleast modestly hot ones...
HB : Because they are a figment of your imagination....like the Tooth Fairy.
HX : The Tooth Fairy doesn't exist?!? My life is a lie!!!
HB : Well, at least you haven't dressed up as Darth Vader in a thong. Then you were be a fuckstick.
HX : My rods! And to a lesser extent, my cones!!
HB : What....what were we talking about again?
HX : I dunno....behold, the wonders of ADD....oh, a butterfly! *Runs off*
HB : Moving on in a british accent.....yes, we are awesome. And we have the egos to prove it, chap. Now the tea is getting cold, so nevermind the bullocks.

From A crazy person : I think that someone should make a friggin full blown


Us : Isn't this a Gungrave site?

HX : What part of "Gungrave fansite" does this person not get?

HB : Apparently, the site part. Or maybe teh fan part. Or maybe none of it. Yeah, that one.

From ? : Aw geeze, you love Fangorum that much! ^_^ We will put him in our next book- we promise. And no mansex- will that be even better. ^___^

Us : What the crap? Who is this? Is this Yasuhiro Nightow? Please, whoever sent this one, tell us who you are!

And if you're a female, HX wants a picture of you. HB wishes he was making that part up.....but he's not. HX really is that desperate.

So you keep sending those messages, and we'll keep making fun of your punctuation and spelling, we mean answer them...