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Message Page....part 2

Wow, a second page....who knew?

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From - Vash the Stampede63/"Gungrave Jesus" : Dude your site kicks ass! I was begining to wonder when it would be up! I love GG and me and my peeps worship Grave and Bunji as if they were Gods - they ARE the definition of the word 'BADASS' after all! I introduced two of my friends to
the GG anime and now we all love it! So, I guess you could say I'm kinda like the Jesus of Gungrave 'spreading the word of the badass anime!'. You guys ROCK!
P.S. I also worship Alucard from Hellsing and Balto from all three Universal Studios Movies.

Us : And now a word from our sponsor. Johnny Damon...

JD : What the crap? First off, I'm the only Jesus here...besides the Don's pool boy, but that's a different story...

HB : Thank you Johnny Damon. Now, for this fan's pleasure....Balto and Alucard.....why? Because we can.



There...ya happy?

From some fan, maybe of Homestar Runner : Yes, I would like to see a forum. Forum= Very Yes.

HX : Dork = very me
HB : That's some good mathmatics there boy. And H*R fan, we'll have the forum up soon....hopefully.

From - Mr. (or Ms.) 3000 : 3000 woo woo woo woo woo

HX : Hey, it's Curly from the Three Stooges
HB : Why I outta.....eh, never mind. Hitting you would be a waste of my time and energy...except with a bat. Then it would be worth it. Anyway, thanks for helping us hit 3000! Next....300,000 and a 1/2!

From Probably that Alucard fan guy person...Dr. Phil... : you know what alucard should be graves stunt double
and walter should be fangorams..

HB : WE GET IT!! It's been pounded into our heads like Michael Jackson pounds the little boys....and vice versa.....or like Paula Abdul gets pounded by American Idol contestants.....or like....
HX : We get the damn point HB....
HB : Oh....moving on...

From some idiot : You smell. Your site is worse than Gaurav. You jack off Donkey's for small change. And your mother is hot.

Us : What in the hell?
HB : Love the Arabic "insults", now stop jamming your privates into the computer.
HX : You idiot.
HB : You talking to me HX?
HX : Not this time.

From - johansen : w00t tis leet negro. I friggin love this shit this site its the bomb diggity heck yes .

HB : ........
HX : You took the words right out from my mouth.
HB : Let's just say "Thanks" and move on, shall we?

From Rob : Hello its Rob again and I was just wondering how many people will you need to request a fourm till you decide to do it me and my friend could help you out if you want we had a site for a bit with a fourm so we could help but if not just keep being funny your site is still super awesome.

Us : We're honestly trying to get a forum up, and with the demand, we'll have it up very soon. Rob, please send the URL of your forum to ameliagabriev@yahoo.com. We're much obliged.

From zs1992 : will you bring back that rammstein "tier" music video with grave moves because i never got to see it so do consider and u guys rock.

HX : Well, Tripod sucks and won't host certain videos, thus why we couldn't have it on the site. If you realy want the video, email me at ameliagabriev@yahoo.com and we'll try to work something out.

HB : But once we have the new site up, this should be resolved. So, be patient with us....we're only human.....or are we.....? *Cue dramatic music*

From Someguy : can I get a picture of Gun Grave Overdose

HB : Ignoring the fact that we *do* have a picture page....
HX : Ok, let's try not be assholes here...I know..it's hard...
HB : Damn straight it is....
HX:...Riiiight, well, here's the pic.


From zs1992 : idea for new WWFD? Fangoram Vs. Nukka maybe a
future episode of WWFD?

HX : Actually, if you check out the latest WWFD, you'll see what happens...

HB : Cause he dies, in a WWFD sense.

From zs1992 : another idea for another WWFD? fangoram Vs. that tweerp alcurad fan or put his part in a new WWFD? P.S. YOU ARE COOL (i mean CSI rerun good but better than that even)

HX : Well, we are cool. As for your idea, we'll keep that in mind.
HB : What is with all this Alucard stuff recently? I mean...wait, were we just compaired to a CSI rerun? WTF?
HX : Which type? The Miami, NY, Vegas, or the SVU one?

From : It's me Gynocrat from Elegant Madness - I sent the
Fangorum message and the promise of no man-sex. My pic is at deviant art- anyway, did you see Star Wars? What did you think? I think I was more freaked by the people in line. Anyway - here are Harry and the Boys on line to see Star Wars (HB - see pic below). I know, Fangorum could've been the Emperor, but that would have been a massive SPOILER, no?

HB : Well, I saw Star Wars opening night, but HX has refused to see any of them.

HX : Because I'm not a nerd. Yeah, you've been Manny'd!

HB : Shut it up you. Anyway, I was amused by the number of Darth Vaders and Luke Skywalkers there was in the audience. I myself didn't dress up, so I could mock the hell out of those fanboys. As for Fangoram being the Emperor....it would have been funny. Oh, the movie was pretty good.

HX : Anyways, here's the damn pic.


From Gynocrat of EM....again : A Fangorum Forum? I dunno... Is Fangorum really able to moderate properly without losing control? It's not like he plays well with others to begin with...

And for the 'person' who suggested Lee as a stunt double for Grave...PLEASE! I just don't see sleek and streamline Lee standing in for a chunky a** obtuse looking franken-sweeper like Grave. People, don't make Gynocrat go Superior here, ok. ((^_^))

Us : ......

HB : Well, Fangoram running the forum would be an interesting concept....but I think we'll leave it in more...responsible....and less lethal hands.

HX : *Out playing with the neighborhood kids*

HB : And HB runs solo for the moment. Now, next message.

From Joe Mamma : hey ive been seeing this gungave show on shirts and shit, and i wanna know what channel it would be on like is it on anime unleashed or what? cuz it looks pretty kick ass

HB : Well, to answer your question, Gungrave is on G4TTV, on the Anime Unleased block. Check your local listings for details, punk. And now, HX.

HX : Well, we're not sure about the shirts, but we do know about the shit. Introduing America's favorite video game bastard child, Garino! On shit!


From Danny : hey whats up im danny, i checked out ur fansite, so far its the only english one ive seen..i have never watched the show cuz i dont have satellite. but i may be getting it soon. could you tell what station its on like is it on anime unleashed or whatever. anyways i found a pic
if you want to find some more random pics, you could always search google and shit or like msn

Us : Why do people keep saying shit? They do know that we'll make pics like that last one. But thanks for the complements...and the pic...which is of the first english DVD.

From : Gynocrat/Kheelan of Elegant Madness - Since you need some fan art, here is Bunji, for you from Us.

HB : We love you both. Oh, so much.

HX : Wow...we are getting stuff from famous people. Does that make us famous? I'm guessing no.....

HB : .....Basically. But we still love the Elegant Madness duo......here's the pic in question.....

HX : Oh, and Gynocrat, I saw your pics on DeviantART, And I must say, that it is freaking great.

HB : Less talky, more pics-y.


From Some Crazy Person : The only one who likes WWFD?!: NOOOOOO!!!!!! NO WWFD THIS WEEK!!!! NOW I MUST KILL KIM II TO GET IT BACK!!!!!(ps: The blitz WWFD?! rock even the bad grammer is awesome cause hes cool and gets the poo tang like that....ahh who am I kidding Clair Redfield I'm coming for you and now I will take my sniper rifle and miss)

Us : Umm.......thanks......? The WWFD is up...please don't try to kill Clair Redfield.....please?

From Some even Weirder person : HB You SMELL LIKE SHO YU WEEINIES

"hello mother, hello father, I've been smoking Marawuanja, I'm so fucked up I wrote this letter, Crack is better, prices lower, pot is cheaper."

HB : HX, did you send this?

HX : It wasn't me...for once. Not even I'm that stupid to type something like this.

HB : Well, that IS true. But....well.....eh.....probably Nukka. If not, we'll call him........Nukaa number 2. Just as dumb as the original Nukka, and twice as coked up.

From - The wonderful people of Elegant Madness : Pictures?  Oh me and my gangsta braids from the start of the summer.  Yeah, I took those out.  I will be at Oni-Con in October.  Kheelan will be at AnimeIowa in September.  Swing by one of those if you can- Leave Fangorum at home. (^_^")
HB : You know.....I think HX wants one anyway.....anyway, if we are at one of those cons......it will be very easy to find us. You will know who we are.....
From - Sami the Pixie : hey hey hey!!! Pixie here!! Lil_lost _pixie on AL u
mentioned somthin about wantin help on crazy league...and I figured,,,,I'm
around if you need me!! I think the idea of a forum sounds great!!!

~peace out....Sami
HB : ............Umm......well........thanks? Well....the forum will be up soon, so please join.......and....well.....keep of the pixie dust. That's usually bad for you.

From - Azure9/El Redactor/OrdogToxin : It's Azure9 again...
TvTome has become TV.com, so the site is a bit shakey, but the nutes
are finally back up so it looks a little more complete...
The link y'all put up still works, but fi you want to correct it to the
new TV.com site(http://www.tv.com/gungrave/show/22180/summary.html),
then I bet the link will work a good .2 seconds faster...
Also, the forum got rebooted, so if anyone wants to start something
there, feel free...
Also, my name changed to GFAQs one when TV.com hooked up with cnet, so
the name is now OrdogToxin...
All the same, hope you like the new set-up, as for why there aren't any
pics, videos, or etc, it's because even though I'm the editor of the
site, I'm not allowed to put those up, only the TV.com super gurus are
able, as I'm sure they're all a bit worried about putting up copyrighted
Good job on the CO site, lookin' forward to changes...
Signed, El Redactor

HB : We've already updated the link page to TV.com, and thank you for the complement. The changes are happening very soon, so keep watch!


From A Bebop fan : That jolice guy kinda looked like a gayer version of Spike (Cowboy to the bebop).

HX : Hey....you know what?......He kinda does.....

HB : Hey....you know what?......It doesn't matter. Moving on.

HX : You suck.....

From a fan, God bless 'em : Extremely nice site gys. Some work on the pictures being a bit bigger would be nicer,but since this is Tripod i know how awkward it can be. Anyhoo, keep on Overdosing.... well, i meant on the site,not drugs. Drugs suck. Look at what drugs didtoGarino.... wait, he
didnt take drugs,he made them.....aw f**k it, just keep making the site good

Us : Well...thank you. Don't worry, we won't be overdosing on any illegal drugs anytime soon...

From Blitz...we think : o yeah dudes i uhh did more Advertising" in my own nerdy way (AL is anime league) anyway I kinda said you guys could use a little more help so y'kno maybe she can help (lil lost pixie person)
Gynocat gives the good pics I do the occasional video/pic/writing and maybe she can help with the writing (the wonderful Blitzace oh yeah i completed another video for gungrave when you guys get the site ill send them

HX : Uhh.....Blitz? Can we call you that? Try to please sign your things...but thank you for the things, we greatly appreaciate it.

HB : Don't worry. We probably will need a lot of help along the way. So we will keep any offers for help and/or advice we can get.

From Bernie Mac : *GASP* MR: 3000 missed the 4000th visit

HB : Ok Bernie....The Golden God and the Le Roi des Poules were here to celebrate.

HX : Mn...I love those nicknames....now who can guess which nicknames go to which one of us?

HB : It might be hard, but it not reaally, conidering there's only two of us...


HX : ...........WHAT THE HELL?

HB : Good job there retard....

HX : Hey!

HB : Not you....Anyway, Nukka tha Horse fukka, you have not only proven to be the absolute dumbest person we have ever encountered, you are, without a doubtm the single, biggest sac of useless crap that has ever visited this site. Never send in a message again.

HX : It was funny at first to make fun of you, but now it's gotten ut of hand. Pleasew, do us all a favor and well......die.....or at least never contact us ever again.

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So, keep sending in your messages, and we'll keep answering them in a smartass manner....because we're pretty like that.